Gohighlevel Review 2024 – Is It the Best CRM?

Are you looking for a detailed GoHighLevel review to help you decide if this software is worth it?

I spent hours testing out Gohighlevel to see if it is worth the investment and how it compares to other alternatives out there.

GoHighlevel is now one of the most promising pieces of software in the business.

Go High level is an all-in-one marketing solution that brings all of your duties under one dashboard. It’s more than a sales funnel builder or CRM.

GoHighLevel, also known as High-Level Software, is a complete marketing jetpack for everyone in digital marketing.

It provides you with all the necessary marketing tools and aid and that will make your digital marketing easy and highly profitable.

As a digital marketer or someone that owns a business (Digital Agency) and wants to market it online, you may need to make use of a sales funnel and other tools, High Level Software offers you this service.

As an affiliate marketer, you may need a landing page to display your affiliate products or a sales funnel to drive customers into buying your affiliate products, High Level Software offers you the needed software.

As a digital business owner who wants to build a great relationship with your customers, this software offers you a complete CRM.

With the rate of competition in this software industry coupled with the fact that most similar software is not as efficient as it has been projected to be, knowing all about GoHighLevel before buying is important..

This review article has all the information you need starting from what GoHighLevel is down to the way to use it to enable you to make the right decision.

So without wasting any further time, let’s get started.

Overview of Go Highlevel — What is GoHighLevel?

Gohighlevel review

GoHighLevel is a marketing software having all the most important marketing tools under its umbrella. It makes it possible for you to achieve a high peak in your digital marketing expenditures. It’s a complete tool for establishing high Customers Relationship Management (CRM) and high sales when used properly.

Established in 2018, Go HighLevel was developed by a team of digital marketers led by Shawn Clark who is officially the Co-founder and CEO of this software.

The main idea in establishing the software was to make it easy for digital marketers to build a high relationship with their clients and customers as well as give them access to all the necessary tools for digital marketing.

Before developing this software, a critical analysis has been made on the issues digital marketers are experiencing both from experience and deep survey research. This software serves as an answer to all the challenges digital marketers are faced with.

As much as they offer both CRM and complete digital marketing tools jetpack, they are highly known and recognized as a Customer Relationship Management software.

GoHighLevel is a digital Marketing software consolidating all the necessary tools for skyrocket any digital business both in sales and retaining customers and clients.

What does Go HighLevel Do?

GoHighLevel is designed by a team of digital marketers for the easy running of digital Marketing. It offers various tools in its CRM Software and Digital Marketing Tools Jetpack.

For the CRM part of this Software, it enables you to build a strong relationship with your customers and clients. It makes it possible for you to keep your old customer, make new ones and ensure they are paying customers and clients with its underlying tools.

For the Digital Marketing Tools Jetpack, it gives you all the necessary tools to keep your Digital Marketing Agency growing and fruitful in terms of sales and profit. It does this by giving you access and total control over its available tools.


If you would love to try GoHighlevel for free. CLICK HERE to start your 14-days free trial with Gohighlevel.

If after going through the review, I suggest you start with the free trial. CLICK THIS LINK to claim the 14-days free trial.

Who is GoHighLevel for

GoHighLevel is basically for everyone into the digital marketing industry whether you’re a beginner, novice, intermediate, or experienced.

But it’s best suited for agencies that need an all-in-one tool to carry out all their marketing activities for clients and also a white-labeled report to ease their work.

It offers you tutorials necessary for you to master their mode of working and ways to use the tools to achieve your desired goals.

The landing page, user interface, and other pages are well optimized with directions on what to do. It is beginner-friendly. In order words, you don’t need to be an expert.

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, so long you’re a digital marketer or you run a business online, this software is for you.

Features of GoHighLevel

One of the reasons why it is loved and used by almost all digital marketers is the features that come with it. Each of the features is geared toward producing great results when used the right way.

Having a clear insight on the feature is a great way to analyze the platform because the features represent everything the platform is designed to do and what it can do. It can influence your decision positively.

Each of the features will be properly analyzed so you’ll have a better understanding of what it does and how it can help you as a digital marketer and boost your business online.

Go HighLevel Features

Email Marketing

GoHighLevel supports email Marketing making it possible for you to mail a large number of your customers daily. Using this medium you can be able to turn them into daily or weekly customers. All you need to do is study what your audience needs before embarking on email marketing.

GoHighLevel replaces GetResponse, ActiveCampaign and any of the email marketing tools you’re presenting using. It offers a full-suite email marketing automation to scale your business.

SMS marketing

Not everyone loves reading messages in their email but almost everyone loves reading messages on their devices. With the help of SMS marketing, you can be able to turn these sets of leads into potential buying customers.

GoHighLevel offers you SMS Marketing once you decide to use their digital marketing software. This feature doesn’t require you to be an expert because it’s easy to use and there are tutorials on how to use SMS Marketing.

You must be thinking what does this replace? It definitely replaces sms marketing software like Podium, SendInBlue, etc.

Go Highlevel Call Tracking

This is an important feature GoHighLevel offers you. With this feature, you’ll be able to keep customers and also get information on how best to Optimize your landing page, other pages.

Call Tracking lets you analyze your calls to help you plan your campaign well. It categorizes the call log thereby sorting out the most important information.

This is important to you as a digital marketer and to your business in the following ways.

  • Call Tracking can give you information on which page leads to the call.
  • Understand which keywords and pages are generating the calls.
  • It helps you keep track of your mobile leads and Customers.

GoHighLevel has this call Tracking as a feature that you are given access to once you sign up. You don’t need to be an expert because there are video tutorials present in this software that will teach and direct you on how to use this call Tracking Feature.

Go highlevel Surveys and Forms

With surveys, you can critically analyze how your audience and clients feel about your business or services. You will be able to gather information on your customers’ experience using your product and service.

With the information gathered, you can change your campaign strategy and work on the negative feedback you got from your clients and audience. As a digital marketer, this survey feature is very essential.

With forms, you can be able to request registration, request payment, and build the survey questions on it. Forms are very important to any business because it allows you to gather enough information.

GoHighLevel also offers you an easy to customize form, premade survey questions, and design. The aim is to elevate you to the stress of having to build new survey questions from scratch.

HighLevel CRM and Pipeline management

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and it helps you understand, interact and build long-lasting relationships with your clients and customers.

The Pipeline is a survey sequence that gives you information on what stage your client is. Coming to the sales Pipeline which is the most common type of Pipeline, gives you a basic understanding of what stage of the buying process your lead is.

This information will enable you to properly communicate and convince your lead to buy your product. With CRM and Pipeline management, you’ll be able to communicate, build relationships, track, engage and finally win your lead into buying your product.

Guess what? GoHighLevel gives you a sophisticated and efficient CRM and Pipeline Management software. It is one of the features that makes it popular and most used.

Think of Go HighLevel as a low-budget HubSpot and Salesforce that gets the job done at a lower fee.

Gohighlevel Unlimited Sales Funnel

For anybody in digital marketing or affiliate marketing, the sales funnel is supreme because it helps you generate sales from your product/service or an affiliate product.

The sales funnel could be informed of a landing page, subdomain website, social media contents, and post. You can use any or all depending on your digital marketing goals and campaign.

GoHighLevel offers you an unlimited sales funnel that you can customize and use the way you want. You don’t have to bother with how to use it because this software has well-detailed tutorials on how to build and use a sales funnel.

GoHighLevel sales funnel builder has a drag and drop interface, thereby easy to use. It’s a replacement to premium sales funnel builders like ClickFunnels, GrooveFunnels, Kartra, to name a few.


If you would love to try GoHighlevel for free. CLICK HERE to start your 14-days free trial with Gohighlevel.

If after going through the review, I suggest you start with the free trial. CLICK THIS LINK to claim the 14-days free trial.

Gohighlevel Website builder

Not everyone is a web developer or WordPress web developer. This software was specially designed for digital Marketers, business owners, and affiliate marketers. Learning the act of web development Is not a prerequisite for them.

But in their journey, they might have to use a website and they ought to design one. The good news here is that with a good and easy-to-use website builder, they will be able to design and develop a full website.

GoHighLevel offers you an easy-to-use website builder packed with predesigned templates. The aim is to take away the stress and trouble of learning how to design a website, pay a website developer, or use a complex website building.

Since the developers of this software are digital marketers, they developed their website builder to be very easy to use. It is beginners friendly. They also have a well-detailed tutorial on how to use the website builder.

Gohighlevel Bookings and Appointment

Once your campaign becomes Successful and you start receiving orders, you’ll want to set up a booking and appointment schedule.

Setting up a booking and appointment schedule will enable you to manage your time carefully so you don’t skip any client and customer that wants to reach you or use your services.

It will make your time conscious so you don’t give less attention to other things you have to do in your marketing campaign and business.

GoHighLevel has this great feature and it’s readily used by everyone including you if you decide to use their software to step up your profit and reach in digital marketing. It is easy to use and set up. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge.

Full White Label

As an agency, Go High Level lets you provide your clients a custom interface to see the reports of your services. In short, you’ll be able to provide a custom report to your clients.

Interestingly, this also includes the URL. Your agency URL will be shown at the top. It’s more like cloning the Go High-Level desktop app for your customers.

But it goes further by letting you create an app from their app store and sell it to your customers at no extra cost. It’s basically giving you the opportunity to sell apps you didn’t develop. To be specific, Go High Level apps.

And then, an opportunity to make more money from your customers by charging them a fee for the app.

Lastly, Go High Level offers white label agency services such that you can have Go HighLevel handle your clients while you get the reward at a fee.

Tracking and Analytics

Whether you’re a digital marketer or an affiliate marketer, tracking the progress of your campaign and web pages will enable you to make informed decisions. It will show you information and which part of your marketing campaign needs more work.

GoHighLevel allows you to track your campaign, gives you unbiased analytic reports on how your campaign is doing including which area needs more work and updating.

Courses / Product

No Teachable. No Thinkific. GoHighLevel has got you covered if you’re planning to create and sell a course online.

And that’s one of the selling features of Go HighLevel, being able to do nearly all your activities on the platform.

As a course management software, you can create and manage your courses on GoHighLevel. You get access to an unlimited number of users and students. Likewise, no limit on the number of courses you can sell. This comes along with creating a membership site for your students.

GoHighLevel Pricing

Every software has its price package structured to fit the service that Software has to offer. Based on your perception the price may be too high for the software, too low for the services the software offers, or probably Normal for the services the software offers.

Taking a critical analysis of the price package will enable you to decide if it will be good for you. This is because you now have your budget to place into consideration and weigh concerning your reason for opting to use the software.

The price package of this software is broken into two, each having its tools package. It’s best you analyze both because the little thing in common might be your main purpose of using this software.


The pricing plan is known as Account because you have to make use of their service only when you create an account. When creating an account you are faced with both pricing plans tagged with “Account”. It’s now left for you to pick one amongst them both. The account types are


If you would love to try GoHighlevel for free. CLICK HERE to start your 14-days free trial with Gohighlevel.

If after going through the review, I suggest you start with the free trial. CLICK THIS LINK to claim the 14-days free trial.

Starter Agency Account

This account is basically for the agency and digital Marketers just starting. You may have been in the industry for a long time but your business is yet to experience any tangible change and growth. The best account is this account. The price for the account is $97 and it’s paid per month.

There is no option of paying yearly with this package plan because it was structured in a way that you only have to pay and use their software if you enjoyed it and gained an increase the previous month.

Agency Unlimited Account

This may sound like a lifetime unlimited access to all the tools but it’s not. You only gain unrestricted access to all the tools present in this software.

Unlike the Agency Starter Account, this account is good for agencies and digital Marketers who have been making progress but want to step up their sales and reach.

This account costs $297 per month. Just like the Starter Account, you only pay per month. Before using this account I’ll suggest you consider your aim of using this software and your knowledge because it will be useful if you can fully use all the tools present in this account.

The major difference between the Agency Starter Account and the Agency Unlimited Account is the fact that the Agency Unlimited Account has an unlimited sub-account plan which is free for this type of account and the white Labeled Desktop App which the Agency Starter Account doesn’t have.

The other difference is in the $$ and it’s basically up to you to decide if the difference is worth the price.

GoHighLevel Pros

Being an all-in-one solution doesn’t mean being the best in everything. Here are the strengths of GoHighLevel.

Full marketing toolkit

With this software, you don’t have any need to use another software because it offers you everything you need to build High customer relationships and skyrocket your sales and profit. The only thing you need here is to have a comprehensive knowledge of how to use each of the tools present.


All the tools present in this platform are effective for both small businesses and large ones. They are developed having a 0.01% error possibility. However for them to be effective you need to be able to use the tools so you don’t run into errors that would ruin your beautifully expected experience using this software.

Short Learning Duration

The video tutorials are well-optimized with detailed information and guidance. They cover all you need to know to get started using the software. The good thing about it is that the learning duration is short and filled with relevant information.

Complete Tracking and restarting campaign tool

Aside from the toolkit present when you decide to use this software, it has another tool that comes free with both plans. The tracking tool tells you which of these software tools you aren’t using rightly and gives you tips on how to tweak and adjust it to get the maximum result you desire.

14 days free Trial Period

This software allows you to make use of the tools present in each account you choose for 14 days. The aim is to allow you to taste their tools and decide if they will be good for you.

GoHighLevel Cons

Every software has its cons that can easily be neglected. Although not every con is easily neglected. The cons can rightly be classified as the downside of using any software. GoHighLevel has its downside and it is worth considering as some of its downsides are critical.

Low Customer Support

When you run into any issues when using this software you can’t find any up-to-date reasonable customer support to help resolve the issue. Their customer support service is low and close to “not working”.

No money back Policy

Go HighLevel has no money return policy. The only way to avoid situations where you have to request your money is to make use of the 14 days Trial Period. The essence is to enable you to have a complete insight into how they work so you don’t have any reason to request your money back after choosing and paying for an account.

GoHighLevel Alternative Comparison

GoHighLevel has two major competitors in this industry. Without complete knowledge, you might be driven to believe they are better or the same with it but they are not. They might be similar but they are completely different. The two major competitors are Click Funnel and Groove funnel. I’ll be giving you a detailed comparison between GoHighLevel and both software.

GoHighLevel Vs Clickfunnel

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one marketing toolkit developed especially for digital Marketers and agencies. It is designed for building high customer Relationship Management and Also helps in skyrocketing any digital Agency. Unlike GoHighLevel Funnel, Click Funnel is a marketing software aimed at building landing pages, sales funnel, and increasing subscribers. It has no tool for Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

GoHighLevel Vs Groove funnel

Groove funnel is just like a click funnel aimed at only helping digital markers. It has no tool for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). In order words, the competition should be between Groove funnel and Clickfunnel and not with GoHighLevel because GoHighLevel is packed with tools for both Agencies to retain and build relationships with customers and digital marketers’ complete toolkit.

GoHighLevel Review — Final Thoughts

To finally wrap up this review, I’ll conclude by saying that GoHighLevel is the perfect software for both Digital Agencies and Digital marketers because it gives you a complete tool to manage your customers and grow your Agency.

Nevertheless, the decision is yours to make and depends on how you perceive the software. I believe you’ll be able to make the perfect decision for you given the fact that you now have an unbiased and comprehensive knowledge of GoHighLevel software.


If you would love to try GoHighlevel for free. CLICK HERE to start your 14-days free trial with Gohighlevel.

Affiliate Disclaimer: When you click on a link in this post, in some cases I earn a commission with no extra cost to you. In fact, I guarantee you get the best price when you use my link.

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