Delenta Review: Is This Coaching Software Worth It?

You have done a quick Google search for reliable coaching software, and Delenta shows up. What next? Review time.

You are just 3 minutes (max) away from learning everything about Delenta before you reach for your credit card. Everything you will be getting here is independent of Delenta or its affiliates.

This review will update you with insider insights into what Delenta has to offer and the drawbacks to beware of. You will also see what other Delenta users say about the platform on third-party survey sites.

Here’s the 8-point outline of this review:

  • What is Delenta?
  • How does Delenta work?
  • Delenta features breakdown
  • Delenta user experience
  • Delenta pricing
  • Pros and cons
  • User reviews
  • My verdict

What is Delenta?

Delenta is one of many cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) business management platforms that help you organize and keep track of your business processes.

Delenta is designed specifically for the coaching niche. It serves as an all-in-one platform for managing your coaching business.

At a glance, the platform is chock-full of features aligned to different elements of a typical coaching business so that you can give your clients full attention without interruptions.

As an organized coach, you need to have a clear schedule of all your clients’ appointments, create client sessions easily, create and sell courses quickly, and, amongst other things, automate emails, reminders, and invoices.

Those activities are just a few of Delenta’s numerous selling points. The platform also includes, amongst other features, the ability to create white-label client portals for a unique experience.

If you have a big launch coming up, Delenta comes in handy with its virtual workshop and event-hosting capabilities.

Also, as a coaching management software, it lends itself to various users and is accessible in different ways.

Delenta’s marketing mainly focuses on its utility for personal brands or solopreneur coaches, but it also has an entire enterprise-focused version branded as Delenta Enterprise. That segment features tracking, management, analytics, and other power features for coaching teams under an organization.

Accessibility options include the web-based platform and the mobile app downloadable via the App Store or Play Store.

How does Delenta work?

Delenta helps you to (in their own words) bring all coaching tools and workflows and clients and multiple coaches under one roof.

You will be able to create your own coaching profile and share it to establish your online presence, market yourself to potential customers through customized landing pages, and invite or migrate your clients to your Delenta portal.

From there, you can create sessions for individuals or groups, manage your interactions with clients, and get paid through the payment integrations on Delenta.

Getting started involves three stages. First, you must sign up with your name and email address, then select your company type, specialty, and specialty stage on the next page.

In the third and final stage, you fill in your desired use case for Delenta, of which there are about six to choose from. I could skip that, though, showing that it’s optional.

After all that, you will then get your own coach portal in the form of a dashboard from where you will have to complete your profile. The first task here is to create your landing page and get your profile URL, which you can share on social media platforms.

Delenta Features Breakdown

Custom Branding

Delenta allows you to customize each client’s portal and give them a unique, welcoming experience. It is called white labeling, and this feature lets your brand shine through with your logo, brand colors, email templates, and more.


If you want to create content that is only accessible to a select few, social media is not the only way to do it. Delenta is a replacement as it packs tools for creating and selling your courses.

I tried the Delenta course creator, and it works. You can create free courses or paid ones in about 11 categories related to coaching. It can be any type of content, such as video, audio, or document, and you can embed media from YouTube or Vimeo.


A lot of client management features are baked into Delenta. From your coaching dashboard, you get a clear differentiation of your clients, your prospects, and your leads.

You can track appointments, automate emails and invoices, accept single or recurring payments, and more.

Your client’s dashboard lets them keep in touch and stay on top of their dealings with you. They can view their sessions, reply to your messages and notifications, and view the analytics of their progress with you.

Calendar & Bookings

Delenta integrates with Google and Outlook calendars so you or your clients can book sessions without exchanging multiple emails or overwhelming your virtual assistants.

To combat the incidence of people booking appointments without showing up, Delenta supports automatic session reminders.

Landing Page

Landing pages are vital to showcase your professional self online. So, you need to design them well to reflect the skills you are selling yourself with.

Delenta didn’t leave that part out. You can use the platform to create visually appealing landing pages containing your profile, calendar for booking appointments, etc.

In short, Delenta pushes its landing page builder as the nearest thing to having your own website.

That means with Delenta; you can craft your landing page to answer the questions people ask when they stumble on an ad online.

Questions like,  is this ad relevant to me? Can I trust this person? What is the offer?


Delenta supports PayPal and Stripe integration, so your clients can choose whatever payment method works for them.

Hence, you don’t have to prepare the invoices manually when someone pays for your coaching service or buys your course. It is automatically generated.

Perhaps the best part of this feature is that no matter which payment method clients use, Delenta doesn’t charge a commission. Your money is all yours.

Sell Your Services

Whether individual or group coaching services, Delenta allows you to sell how you want. The platform does not set any restrictions on your products or services, nor does it place any limit on the fees you charge.

Mobile App

With a mobile app, you can use Delenta to interact with your clients without carrying your PC around.

The mobile app is limited only by the size of your smartphone. With the app, you can view your dashboard, update your coaching profile, join sessions with your client, add badges to your profile, and much more.

User Experience

It’s not uncommon for platforms that wield a bulky list of features to confuse you with their layout and make navigation through their interface a stressful chore.

Icons might be hard to interpret initially, app sections might be placed in an unintuitive order, and even the in-house tutorial videos might be of little help.

However, I didn’t experience any of those things with Delenta. Setup is easy and can be done in just a few steps. You also get a checklist that guides you through your profile completion process.

The dashboard nicely displays all the essential information, and it is easy to switch between different features because the tabs are prominently displayed alongside the dashboard.

The mobile app is also simple to operate. Overall, Delenta has an attractive layout with moderate colors and contrasts whether you use the web or mobile app.

Delenta Pricing—How much does it cost?

No free trial offer lasts offer. After Delenta’s 30-day free trial expires, you must purchase either a monthly plan or an annual subscription. The screenshot below explains more.

Delenta Pros

You can expect the following benefits if you sign up with Delenta.

Easy Set-up

There are no lengthy protocols when setting up your coaching business on Delenta.

Even if you have never used an online platform for your coaching service before, you will find that it’s not hard to find your way around Delenta.

Everything follows a streamlined process from signing up to migrating your clients into the platform because everything on the site or the app is arranged how it should be.

Exhaustive Feature Set

Delenta has nearly as many features as are needed to manage all aspects of your coaching. It is a CRM that allows you to create online courses, group coaching is supported, you can chat in real-time with clients, it takes your payments for you, and so much more.

With everything at your fingertip because of one platform, you can ditch the fear of using multiple apps and services, save time, and save costs.

Mobile App

The mobile app took a while to arrive, and right now, it’s one of the best parts of the platform. It was a bit buggy initially, but a few years of updates based on customer feedback have made the user experience worthwhile.

The only thing missing right now is that the app doesn’t support private messaging like the site-based platform. But we are sure of that changing too.

The mobile app has made it much easier for clients to deliver their services to clients and interact with them from anywhere without carrying a PC everywhere.

Responsive Customer Service

Delenta’s customer service is the day’s talk anywhere you search for Delenta reviews. It’s that good.

From what I gather, many of the features and upgrades Delenta has seen were added after the team received user complaints and suggestions.

For instance, there was a time when the platform showed the date and time in military format (yes, I don’t know why either), forcing you to translate them to conventional formats before booking appointments and schedules.

It stuck around for a while but was resolved when the team heard negative remarks about it.

There are a few other examples, but the takeaway is that the Delenta team is constantly working on their product to bring it ever closer to the perfect experience.

Plenty of Integrations 

The more integrations a platform has, the more things you can do without leaving the system and employing the services of extra tools.

One of the crucial integrations is Google Calendar. You can synchronize it with the Delenta coaching calendar to instantly view your appointments, availability, and personal commitments.

Other integrations that Delenta supports include but are not limited to,

  • Zoom for video conferences
  • Microsoft Teams for business conferencing
  • Stripe for credit and debit cards
  • PayPal for extra payment options
  • Mailchimp for automated scheduled emails
  • And more

Affords You Website-level Functionalities

One of the functions of a website is capturing leads, which you can then nurture into paying clients.

Landing pages are a way websites help you capture leads. With Delenta, you might not need a website (emphasis on might)  because the platform incorporates a landing page builder you can use to create beautiful and high-converting landing pages.

You can include your profile and availability calendar on your landing page.  The leads will be automatically captured and sent to your CRM, where you can sell your coaching packages and do other things.

Generous Free Trial

Few people would prefer not to have a free taste of a product even if it promises the best features. Delenta recognizes that, and while its feature set makes the platform a very high-ranking one, the team allows you to test the platform for free before you decide to pay.

Delenta gives you ample time to test the platform with a 30-day free trial window. During this time, you can use the platform, mobile app included, without any limitations or restrictions.

Delenta Cons

There is really not much to complain about when using Delenta. Of course, it’s not perfect, but my misgivings about the platform are few and far between. But what do I do anyway whenever I’m reviewing software? Nitpick. 

So here are two cons I managed to single out that you should watch out for, especially if you are a power user.

Needs More Email Integrations

Right now, Delenta could try adding integrations for more email services to give users more choices.

For now, Mailerlite and Mailchimp are the only email providers that Delenta integrates with. No complaints here, but I’ve seen a lot of users who would like ActiveCampaign to be added to the list of integrations to automate their email campaigns.

Mobile App Needs More Functions

Private message feature, to be specific. Delenta’s web-based platform allows coaches to chat with their clients, but it is not so on the app. It would be nice if coaches and clients didn’t have to visit the web whenever they needed to communicate.

User Reviews

Before we round up this review, you might want to check out the testimonials on third-party review sites from others who have used Delenta.

Final Take

I had high expectations for Delenta when I started reviewing it, which was due in no small part to the catchy advertising on their website. Turns out that judging a book by its cover is not always bad.

What we have with Delenta is a platform that packs all the tools coaches need to organize and keep track of all the elements of their coaching business. You can even advertise your services in any online public forum with the custom web pages you build with Delenta.

Delenta makes it easy for coaches to manage their client interactions and for clients to access their coaches’ packages without any confusion. The platform is also easy to set up—taking just a few minutes for profile creation and client onboarding.

Anyone who wants a better way to run a coaching service or is thinking of starting one but doesn’t know how to organize it can register with Delenta. You don’t need any special computer knowledge.

If you have been having trouble deciding about Delenta, you can rest assured that the platform most likely has everything you could ask. You can’t go wrong with it. And with the free trial offer still on, you can start coaching online at no cost!

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