Pros and Cons – My Honest Review

So far, the reviews have been positive about in all marketing Facebook groups I’m in.

It beats the top sales funnel builders like ClickFunnels and GrooveFunnels by price and simplicity.

In this article, I dug into the possible cons of without paraphrasing it. Hopefully, this helps you make the right decision if it’s worth it.

Systeme io Review Summary

Systems io’s all-round functionality has received several reviews across many channels over the years of its existence since it was launched in 2018, even though Systeme io was initially made exclusive to the French market, as of when this article was written, it now supports up to 8 different languages.

While most of the reviews that Systeme io users have shared appear great, which has put the tool on a five-star level, there are still some significant cons along the function it provides that have put it on a pedestal of critics.

You know how the saying goes that “whatever has an advantage, does have some disadvantages too”. 

Systeme io, however, has made a good name for itself because its pros outweigh and outshine its cons. 

Below is my honest review of this great tool made available by Aurelien Amacker.’s all-in-one marketing platform is a fantastic deal that’s challenging to refuse when you take into account all of the advantages you receive along with its reasonable pricing.

Since the alternatives like Clickfunnels, GrooveFunnels, Podia, Kajabi, and others cost 3–10 times as much to achieve the same job, beginners might not completely appreciate the crazy value this SaaS platform offers. 

But beyond the ridiculously cheap price which is pegged at an annual plan of $246 as of the period this review was written, the functions it provides are as great or even greater than these other SaaS platforms. 

With its cheaper price, you get to save more money that might be used to create other profitable content, acquire more assets, or buy advertisements that will ultimately boost your company’s earnings. 

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Systeme io Pros

  • The first on the list of its major pros is the free version, a great and useful tool as Systeme io provides, that’s by far one primary reason why it will be a choice for most companies as everyone wants an avenue to save extra cash. 
  • Time is saved by providing a variety of tools on a single platform with smooth operations.
  • Even individuals who aren’t tech-savvy will find the system to be simple to utilize. Isn’t this just amazing?
  • To assist users in efficiently navigating the platform, it offers comprehensive lessons.
  • The platform provides a variety of solutions for business automation, saving time that would otherwise be spent on routine tasks.
  • It provides affiliate marketing services, partner pages, and customizable domains.

Systeme io Cons

  • Third-party integrations aren’t available. It is not possible to combine Systeme io with the use of a specific tool or program. 
  • Those who don’t require all of the platform capabilities may find them to be ineffective. 
  • Systeme io does not have the advanced capabilities that you often obtain with standalone programs. 
  • You might also not be able to alter every feature of the software in the way you like because of the system’s extremely constrained design flexibility, especially for an all-around funnel builder.
  • The email builder is not well sophisticated and improved like other tools like Amber.

Systeme io Features 

Systems io has several platforms it provides services for, little wonder why it described itself as “an all-in-one solution to develop sales funnels, webinars & memberships, operate affiliate programs, sends unlimited emails & sells physical things for an online business easy & accessible” by the company. 

Below are the features provided by Systeme io:

Funnel Builders

For every internet firm, sales funnels are crucial. 

With Systeme io’s Funnel Builder, you can develop attractively designed sales pages with a reasonable conversion rate for product sales, opt-ins, etc. using this multipurpose marketing software.’s drag-and-drop editor lets you quickly change the look of the sales pages to enable A/B testing. 

To reduce uncertainty and construct successful sales funnels, you can start with one of the available templates. You only need to change the pages with your content if there are templates already accessible.

Automation Features

Scaling is facilitated by dynamic automation of various business operations. 

The good news is that Systeme io has lots of marketing automation options. 

With this feature, you can automate a variety of tasks using Systeme io, including lead generation, project management, communication, and the launch of an online business. 

For instance, you can utilize the platform to start a series of emails or even launch a new online course for consumers. 

With this in place, you will be able to provide excellent customer service in much less time as a result.

Blog Creation

One of the fundamental building blocks of any internet business is content marketing. 

High-quality blog entries generate organic traffic that you may turn into leads and sales. 

With this feature, you can host a contemporary blog directly within the Systeme io website builder using drag-and-drop technology. 

Also Systeme io will give you free domains as long as you are a paid user, you are free to create custom domains if you choose. 

However, custom domains are preferred by most users because the capability is available for your convenience.


To establish quick relationships with their target markets and produce leads, many internet business owners continue to employ webinars. 

Additionally, webinar funnels are incredibly successful in boosting sales. With only a few clicks, you can create evergreen webinars with 

The system will not only let you construct an unlimited number of webinars, but it will also take care of everything from registration to delivery and follow-up.

Membership Sites

With the help of the drag-and-drop website builder offered by this complete marketing platform, you can quickly establish a fully functional membership website. 

You can also utilize one of the many membership website templates that are already included in the system. 

And before you worry about coding, the amazing thing is that there is no need for coding knowledge! 

If you want to market and sell online courses, membership sites are fantastic. Even better, if a user stops paying, Systeme io will take care of the payments and immediately terminate user access. Debit & credit cards, PayPal, Stripe, and other payment options can be configured as acceptable ones.

Additionally, Systeme io offers a full course builder for you to use to host your courses and videos. 

To embed videos inside the Systeme io platform, you can directly post them to a different site first, like YouTube, etc.

Affiliate Programs

The affiliate management tool that comes with Systeme io automatically creates a unique affiliate ID for each of your subscribers and links it to their email addresses. 

By sharing the link, your subscribers will begin earning commissions if they successfully sell your goods and services. 

Complete automation of affiliate payouts is possible with Systeme io with a few small adjustments to the affiliate program settings.

Email Marketing 

The provision of an email marketing option in Systeme io completed its features, and yet again they excelled at this one as well to a very large extent.

With this feature, you can program automation and email sequences to last for a day. 

You also have everything you need to collect visitor email addresses when you combine the page builder and the integrated opt-in forms.

Also, you won’t experience any problems with emails being put in the spam folder because of the excellent email deliverability. 

Additionally, Systeme io offers a complete contact management system that lets you see who subscribed, which funnel they utilized, whether they made a purchase, etc.


This is one major feature every intending user of a tool looks out for, and yet again Systeme io distinguishes itself in this regard. 

This is one primary reason why it is preferred to other SaaS platforms.

There are four pricing options provided by this great tool which are as follows:

  1. Free Plan
  2. Startup Plan
  3. Webinar Plan
  4. Unlimited Plan


  • No charges all through.
  • Helps to control 2,000 contacts 
  • Can send as many emails as you like with only one email campaign. 
  • It serves as a single blog and creates an unlimited number of posts. 
  • Makes a single membership site with an unlimited number of members. 
  • Creates three sales funnels, one automation rule, and one A/B test. 
  • No webinar feature is available in this plan 
  • Can add one custom domain


  • This is a paid plan pegged at $27 per month with more features
  • It keeps track of 5,000 contacts.
  • It sends unrestricted email messages using 10 email campaigns. 
  • It has limitless blog posts for five blogs.
  • It also enables five membership websites with an unlimited number of users. 
  • It generates ten sales funnels, ten automated rules, and ten A/B tests.
  • There is no webinar feature in this plan.
  • You can add 3 unique domains to this plan.


  • The monthly fee is pegged at $47 here.
  • You have 10 000 contacts under control.
  • You can send as many emails as you like with 10 email campaigns.
  • Production of countless blog entries for 20 blogs is possible here.
  • There are 20 membership sites with a limitless user base
  • 100 automation rules, 50 A/B tests, and 50 sales funnels can also all be created. 
  • There’s an upgrade here with the availability of 10 webinar features that have not been dated.
  • The Inclusion of 10 unique domains is also made available here.


This is the ultimate plan as the provisions of several features are made available on this plan, and the pricing is not something to worry too much about, especially when compared to other tools.

  • This plan is pegged at $97 per month.
  • There are about 15 000 contacts under control.
  • There is access to send unending emails and run unending email campaigns.
  • Post to as many blogs as you want indefinitely is also available here.
  • One can also make countless membership sites with countless users. 
  • The creation of as many A/B tests, automation rules, and sales funnels as you like. 
  • The privilege to organize numerous webinars is also available.
  • Finally, there is an inclusion of infinite custom domains in this plan. Amazing right? Yes! I found it amazing too.

NOTE: The good thing about all these plans is the option to start for free for a specified period, also when purchasing a paid plan at an outright annual payment, a discount of 30% is given.

How does it compare with alternatives?

Without doubts, there are several options for Systeme io that are available across the online space.

However, just as I mentioned earlier, the pros that Systeme io offers outweigh and outshine its cons, thus making the tool have my support to a large extent in this comparison.

Below are my honest reviews in the c comparison of the various alternatives to Systeme io that are available.

Systems io vs Clickfunnels


Numerous users of Clickfunnels helped make the notion that you need funnels rather than a website mainstream. 

A comparison of both of the features of these two is that is a high-end email marketing software platform that can assist you with list building, email creation, subscriber management, and much more, all in one location. 


Even though Clickfunnels has every functionality that you receive with Systeme io, it is more expensive, with a base subscription starting at $97 per month as opposed to $27 per month for Systeme. This is yet another pro that Systeme io offers its users.


Clickfunnels is brimming with strong features that make it simple to set up automated campaigns, monitor outcomes, and raise audience engagement.

However, Clickfunnels did better in this regard because of its drag-and-drop funnel creation feature which made it a fantastic option for developing automated email campaigns.

Here, either system can be used alone (without an email service provider) or combined with another system, such as MailChimp or AWeber, to give you access to even more functionality.

Clickfunnels’ Cons

Although Clickfunnels is quite effective, it is challenging to learn and the user interface can be a little perplexing. 

This is where Systeme io made things better by being more user-friendly and easy to learn compared to Clickfunnels.

It is also more expensive than Systeme io, which makes Systeme io a better choice for users.

Systeme io Vs GrooveFunnels

Groovefunnels is a user-friendly platform that provides interactive features in one convenient bundle. 

In Groovefunnels, several packages are available which includes GrooveMail, GrooveSell, GroovePages, and others. 

With the help of these features, you’ll be able to build a solid brand image and sell both physical and digital goods online.

Their diversity is seen in the comparison of their functions which include:


GrooveFunnels has incredible features which will be explained below.

  • GroovePages: This feature helps business owners to make engaging landing pages and web pages. Useful page options, add-ons, and pre-made templates in this feature also help to draw attention to your area.
  • GrooveSell: With its sophisticated payment processing mechanism and functionality, GrooveFunnels is a trustworthy sales tool. Numerous parameters, including income, commission, sales, profitability, etc., are simply handled by it. It also offers a variety of payment options for buyers.
  • Management of Automation: With the use of a single dashboard, automation management lets you completely automate your company. You will also have quick access to GrooveMail, GrooveDesk, GrooveAffiliate, GrooveQuiz, GrooveCalander, GrooveBlog, etc.


In comparing the pricing, there are also notable differences to note.

GrooveFunnels pricing appear to be on the high side compared to Systeme io.

However there are also four different payment options on the Groovefunnels platform, each of which offers users unique advantages. 

GrooveFunnel pricing is pegged at:

  1. The Free Plan
  2. The Silver Plan ($99 per month)
  3. The Gold Plane ($199 monthly) 
  4. The Platinum Plan ($299 a month)


A complete marketing suite is required by company owners and marketing specialists. 

And the GrooveFunnel and Systeme io tools have proven to be trustworthy options.

Also, they both include sophisticated features like the ability to create custom domains and free trials, as well as the ability to create landing sites. 

If you want to choose the platform that will be most successful for your business, you can easily evaluate the two platforms based on their advantages and disadvantages.

GrooveFunnels’ Cons

  • It is more expensive compared to Systeme io
  • It is not beginner friendly as Systeme io
  • Customer service is quite poor compared to Systeme io

Systeme io Vs Podia

Features is a user-friendly and intuitive all-in-one marketing tool for anyone wishing to expand their online business, whereas Podia is a platform that enables you to create a free, no-code website, host a community (for free or for money), and sell your digital goods. 

With Podia, you receive all the resources needed to launch and expand an online business without cost.


Podia’s paid plans are named mover, shaker, and earthquaker based on their price range which increases respectively.

  • Mover Plan ($39 per month)
  • Shaker Plan ($75 per month)
  • Earthquaker Plan ($166 per month)

Comparing this to that of Systeme io’s pricing is a major con that Podia’s users have to deal with.


The features available in Systeme io and Podia are Opportunities for education, webinars, management of contact, etc. 

Podia added more to its benefits with the option of an embedded course player, video hosting without limit, and a great support system for users.

Podia’s Cons

  • It is more expensive than Systeme io
  • It is not an all-in-one tool
  • It has no free plan compared to Systeme io

How good is Systeme io?

Based on all that has been reviewed so far, it can be denoted that Systeme io’s pros outweigh its cons in so many ways.

Also, in the comparison with other SaaS platforms, Systeme io has greater benefits and surpasses most of the pros of these platforms.

It is crystal clear that Systeme io continues to excel not just in terms of price but also in terms of its capacity to offer a variety of functionalities all under one roof.

Entrepreneurs are constantly searching for strategies to enable them to achieve their business objectives while saving time and money. 

Process efficiencies and time savings are achieved with the aid of tools and features like marketing automation. 

Systems io supports businesses by providing these services, which allow them to operate their operations effectively and inexpensively.

However, it’s possible that some small firms simply require one marketing tool, such as email marketing. You should choose your preferred email marketing program in such circumstances.

You likely require Systeme io to scale your operations unless your company can be successful with just one marketing strategy.

The best use cases for Systeme io are for companies who wish to make use of the various marketing features it provides, including affiliate programs, sales funnels, blogging, product sales, website builders, and email marketing. 

All in all, it is best to use Systeme io if you don’t want to spend money on a variety of expensive software products.

So yes, Systeme io is a good tool to use, one even better than most SaaS tools you know about or have been using.

You can start your free trial today.

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