39 Marketing Funnel Statistics (2024) You Should Know

There’s no better way to keep up with the latest marketing trends and remain relevant in the industry than to keep an eagle on marketing funnel statistics.

More than ever, the marketing realm is ever-changing and dynamic. Trends, strategies, and technology are never stagnant.

Everything is evolving, and as such, both large and small business enterprises need marketing to keep their business competitive.

However, with the recent trends and continuous changes in buying behavior, businesses must understand how to get to their target audience.

They need to figure out what to do to improve their marketing and sales efforts drastically.

So regardless of whether you are focused on social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, video marketing, email marketing, sales, and more, we have tons of statistics capable of connecting you with your customers.

These marketing funnel statistics will help you reach your prosperous target audience and boost your conversion rate.

What is Marketing Funnel?

A marketing funnel could be best described as a model that depicts how a potential customer becomes aware of a brand that leads to the buying of its products, goods, or services.

This model entails numerous stages of target audience engagement with such a brand. Put simply; it describes the customer’s journey with the company.

Business organizations use marketing funnels to better understand their audiences’ needs from the first stage to the last.

With efficient analysis, a marketing funnel help enterprises to have a better idea of what to do to win the heart of the consumers at some point in time.

So, whatever form of marketing tactics your firm focuses on, updating yourself on the latest marketing funnel statistics is ideal for staying relevant.

General Marketing Funnel Statistics

It’s a no-brainer that careful and effective marketing attracts more audience, improves brand awareness, boosts conversion, and generates more revenue.

As simple as this may seem, 37% of marketers claimed that prospecting is the most challenging part of their job. And it remains the crucial first step.

According to Salesforce, 68% of business enterprises attempted to measure their marketing funnel, while 79% of marketing leads never yielded sales.

Coincidence? Not even near. Without an effective sale funnel, it’s practically impossible for marketing leads to be converted into sales.

Be that as it may, HubSpot confirmed that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were the most used social media platforms by marketers in 2020.

According to Hootsuite, about 60% of businesses were determined to up their Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn budgets by the end of 2020.

In 2021, HubSpot Marketing Report shows that the Website came second behind social media as the most-used channel in marketing.

We are now in 2022, and the social media marketing trends don’t look like they are stopping soon.

Accordingly, keeping yourself updated with all the trends and latest happenings in the marketing world may look daunting.

But looking at how the industry evolves and develops quickly, your business can also stay updated by getting acquainted with the latest marketing statistics.

Now, your marketing game is about to move to the next level. So let’s begin the show…!

1. 30—50% of the target audience buys from the first vendors to answer their messages.

Like the old clichè “first come, first serve,” this is undoubtedly true in marketing. 30–50% of the target audience buys from the first marketer to respond.

Since the world is digital, setting up automation is more advantageous in the marketing world than human contact.

With auto-respond technology, your customers stand the chance of receiving an immediate reply and, as such, boost your conversions.

2. In 2022, mobile optimization will be the mother of web marketing.

According to a survey by Hubspot Blog research, 64% of SEO marketers acknowledged mobile optimization as an effective investment in 2021.

And they will be happy to leverage their resources on it — even more — in the future.

3. 91% of customers prefer goods and services referred to them by their friends.

In a popular poll conducted by Statista, it was revealed that clients referred by a friend or family are 4X more likely to buy the product.

In the poll, 91% of the respondents (customers) say they would gladly give a referral, and 11% of marketers ask for one.

On this note, if your business is not offering a referral program already, maybe this is the right time to incentivize it.

4. 79% of total marketing leads never converted into customers.

You may find this weird, but it’s the truth. Most of the marketing leads your business acquired are never yielded into sales.

This is due to spamming your target audience with your product offers instead of giving them the actual value.

Hence, focus on reshaping your marketing efforts by keeping a close table on your marketing and sales funnel metrics.

This will go a long way in increasing your marketing and sales funnel conversion rate.

5. 2022 is the year for active Video marketing

The HubSpot State of Marketing reported that the number one format used by most marketers for their content plans in 2021 is Video marketing.

According to Content Marketing Institute research, it was also reported that Video marketing would be the top and significant investment for B2Bs in 2022.

6. 80% of marketers plan to leverage audio content in 2020

Infinite Dial reported that 28% of the American population over — 12 years and above — listens to podcasts every week.

As such, 80% of marketers and sales managers who leverage podcasts and audio content plan to invest more budget in 2022.

7. Email marketing is becoming the order of the day

In a survey conducted by HubSpot in 2020, 20% of marketers say that email marketing adds more visibility to their email engagement.

AWeber found that 45% of small business owners with compelling email copy leveraged open rates of about 26% or more in 2021.

8. 69% of marketers say their first task is to convert their leads into customers

Evidently, converting leads into buyers or customers is one of the challenging and daunting tasks in the sales process.

To do this, you need to feed them with quality content that adds value. And such quality content must resonate with their want.

In a study carried out by Hubspot, it was found that 69% of marketers prioritize converting their leads into prospective customers more than any other thing.

9. Upselling is 68% more affordable and effective than acquiring new customers

Did you know that keeping your current customers is 6X less costly and market effective than getting new ones?

Keep your current audience happy, and don’t just focus on acquiring a new lead. Not all leads convert, but old customers will still come back.

A significant amount of your marketing effort should be geared toward selling to customers currently on your books.

10. 37% of marketers say prospecting is the most challenging part of their job.

Findings show that the most intriguing and disturbing thing marketers face in their first year is where to begin.

Since it’s not easy to build a pipeline, this first step is crucial, and 37% of them see it as the most challenging aspect of the job.

If you also find yourself in such a position, be enlightened that the first thing to do in building a market funnel that works is to create awareness.

11. 65% of business owners say getting leads and traffic are their most formidable marketing challenges.

According to Blogginglift, the most formidable challenge faced by most business owners is generating leads and traffic to their websites.

There are two proven ways to generate massive leads and traffic into business; the organic method using SEO or via paid traffic.

So if your establishment is part of the 65% of businesses with traffic and lead challenge, you can leverage either or both of them.

12. Good sales funnel is proportionate to an increase in business growth.

In a finding conducted by Salesforce, 68% of businesses have not attempted to measure their sales funnel. But why?

In the same survey, it was learned that as huge as 79% of marketing leads were never converted into any sales.

Coincidence? Not at all. Without a working and good sales funnel, it’s practically impossible for leads to be converted into sales.

13. Bogging still forms part of effective marketing strategies.

In a research blog published by Hubspot, it was learned that 56% of marketers who spent money blogging say it’s very effective.

Out of these vast marketers, 10% observed that they generated their highest return on investment (ROI) in 2021.

14. Lead nurturing remains the most valuable asset of automation software

It is gathered from a study that 57% of marketers confirmed that lead nurturing would remain the most helpful tool of automation software.

Premise on the above, using the automation software for your lead nurturing will help your online business generate massive leads.

While this process is not automatic, you’ll have to manually input some things to make the lead nurturing strategy more personal.

15. In 2021, lead conversion is still the number one priority.

In a survey conducted by Hubspot in 2018, it was reported that only 69% of marketers responded that lead conversion should be their main priority.

Come to think of it, other than converting leads into prosperous buyers or customers, what else could be the job of marketers?

No matter how perfect your pipeline is, if salespeople refuse to follow up with their prospects, their marketing efforts will be wasted.

16. 82% of marketers genuinely use content marketing.

The HubSpot 2021 State of Marketing Report revealed that 60% of marketers determine the success of their strategy (i.e., content marketing) via sales.

On the other hand, 70% of marketers genuinely and actively invest their time, efforts, and resources in content marketing.

17. 96% of website visitors don’t buy anything on their first visit.

This may sound strange and weird to you, but the truth is that 96% of your website visitors are not ready to buy anything on their first visit.

This does not mean they are not going to come back again to make a purchase, and it only means that they are never ready to do that on the first occasion.

You should find a way to monitor and keep track of them for continuous communication.

18. In marketing, persistence is the key to a successful outing.

A survey revealed that 44% of salespeople and marketers give up on their first rejection. Pity!

The average number of attempts needed to persuade a customer or target audience to make sales in the marketing world is five times.

Be persistent and keep track of your contact attempts always. Quitting before reaching your magic number (5X) is a crime in the marketing world.

19. In 2021, marketers measured their SEO success through their web ranking.

The Hubspot State of Marketing 2021 statistics revealed that over 50% of marketers used organic traffic and keyword rankings to determine their SEO success.

Other than those mentioned above, most marketers agreed that there is no better way to measure the success of their SEO strategies again.

20. The number one content marketing strategy is SEO.

It has been stated earlier that 56% of marketers are leveraging blogging to promote their business, and 82% use content marketing.

However, the same survey revealed that 71% of these marketers use strategic keywords as their primary content marketing strategy.

21. Infographics are going places in the marketing world.

45% of marketers said they are already using infographics to promote their business, and 38% are planning to leverage on in 2022.

22. 31% of marketers are investing in short-form video worldwide.

HubSpot blog research disclosed that 31% of global marketers invested in the short-form video in 2021, and 46% considered it very effective.

Wistia blog, on the other hand, confirmed that this short-form video content’s average engagement rate is 53.9% globally.

23. 99% of marketers with video marketing experience vowed to do it again.

In research findings published by Wyzowl, it was discovered that 99% of marketers who used video marketing for promoting their content say they will use it again.

In the same vein, Biteable revealed that the presentation is the most common video type used by marketers with 65%, followed by video ads with 57%, while explainers came third with 47%.

24. 88% of video marketers are planning to leverage YouTube — even more.

Without a doubt, the number one online media most social media marketers enjoy building communities on is YouTube (HubSpot 2021).

The same survey disclosed that YouTube is also the second most visited platform globally after social media. Classic, isn’t it?

25. In the marketing realm, audio marketing is not being celebrated.

HubSpot blog research revealed that only 16% of marketers say they have invested in audio marketing chat rooms such as Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse.

Email Marketing Funnel Statistics

Don’t be surprised that email is still worthwhile as a marketing strategy.

Even though marketers put a lot of effort into video campaigns, webinars, etc., to reach their customers, email marketing is still worth it.

It remains one of the oldest and most effective channels to communicate to your audience.

Below are the email marketing statistics for 2022.

26. In 2019, Email marketing came second in the top tools for building brand awareness.

Campaign Monitor conducted research in 2019 using 1,000 small businesses as its case study.

In this study, email marketing came second on the list of the most effective medium or tools for creating brand awareness.

27. Segmented marketing campaign brings about a 760% increment in revenue.

Campaign Monitor mentioned in its blog post that marketers who patronized segmented campaigns recorded about a 760% increment in revenue in 2019.

Similarly, HubSpot confirmed that 30% or thereabouts of marketers surveyed use audience segmentation strategies to improve their email engagement.

28. By 2024, global email users are expected to reach 4.48 billion.

According to Statista, the number of email users (globally) is expected to reach 4.48 billion by 2024.

No wonder email marketing recorded the highest ROI for small businesses in 2019 (Campaign Monitor).

And over the last year, around 80% of email marketers reported an increase in their email engagement (HubSpot, 2020).

According to Sinch (2020), 40% of consumers revealed that they have nothing less than 50 unread email messages in their inboxes.

Facebook Marketing Funnel Statistics

Facebook marketing is one of the underrated aspects of social media marketing.

Marketers often forget about it even though it is as important as other marketing funnels.

If you are determined to know your audience’s state and their position in your Facebook marketing funnel, you’ll find the following statistics helpful.

28. 64% of marketers recorded at least a new client on Facebook.

The most visited online space globally is social media, with Facebook taking the lead. No doubt about this, right?

Hence, Animoto reported that 64% of business owners said video marketing on Facebook brings back at least a new client in 2020.

30. The Facebook daily active users in Q4 of 2021 was 1.8 billion.

According to Facebook, the platform’s average daily active users in the Q4 of 2021 was 1.8 billion.

Such is one of the reasons why social media marketers are ready to leverage the Facebook campaign more than any other platform in 2022.

31. The most popular social media platform globally is Facebook

Marketers believe that Facebook is the most patronized social media platform (globally) by users of all ages in 2021 (HubSpot Blog Research).

Instagram Marketing Funnel Statistics

When it comes to overall marketing strategy, Instagram is one of the powerhouses you should consider.

In this section, you’ll be introduced to the top Instagram marketing funnel statistics needed to grow your business.

Some of them are:

32. Instagram’s average daily users is 500+ million.

According to Instagram, the average daily user metric in 2021 was 500+ million, and social media marketers are currently exploiting the app.

As a matter of fact, the second-best performing online platform for marketers right now is Instagram(HubSpot, 2021)

33. Instagram users are forecasted to reach 1.1 billion by Q4 of 2022.

In 2022, eMarketer forecasted that Instagram users would reach 1.1 billion in the Q4 of 2022.

34. 200+ million Instagrammers check out at least a Business Profile daily.

As a marketer, you must know that over 200 million Instagram users check out at least one official Business Profile every day.

Adding to this, Instagram Business revealed that the most-viewed stories on the platform came from businesses.

35. 38% of marketers patronize Instagram’s ad platform.

A better understanding of Instagram coupled with a solid marketing plan will help you grow your business.

If your prospective audience uses Instagram often, why don’t you join the 38% of marketers taking advantage of this magnificent platform to promote your brand?

Twitter Marketing Funnel Statistics

Understanding the Twitter statistics that are making the platform tick will help you get the most out of your marketing campaigns on the platform.

For more information on what is in store for marketers and how and why your target audience uses the Twitter platform, check out the following:

36. 82% B2B leveraged on Twitter in 2021

Content Marketing Institute reported that 82% of B2B marketers used Twitter for their organic marketing campaign in 2021.

37. The 9th most visited online media globally is Twitter

Twitter recorded 2.4 billion sessions, out of which 620 million the sessions were unique in 2021.

This figure shows that Twitter users visit the platform repeatedly and consistently. This is something to know when optimizing your marketing campaigns.

38. 30% of Twitter users are women

With men making up the majority of the DAU of Twitter (70%), the remaining 30% is covered by women

This demographic is essential in creating highly targeted and specific marketing campaigns.

LinkedIn Marketing Funnel Statistics

You’ll agree that there’s no better place to sell or market to professionals than LinkedIn.

The platform is used to connect with like-minded business people, find job recruitment, and get the latest happenings from influential figures.

Hence, with this LinkedIn marketing funnel statistics, you’ll gain valuable knowledge on how you can leverage LinkedIn as part of your marketing strategy.

39. LinkedIn has the most prominent B2B display ads in the USA.

eMarketer disclosed that 32.3% of B2B businesses in America used LinkedIn display ads in 2021.

And Content marketing Institute says more than 90% of B2B marketers patronized LinkedIn mainly for organic social marketing in the same year.


Though not exhausted, the above discussed are the trending marketing funnel statistics you need to know in 2022.

A new report is revealed to help marketers focus and prioritize their marketing plans while outperforming their goals along the line.

If you read these marketing statistics down to the categories underneath, your efforts to stay relevant in the marketing world will surely help your business brand.

Because there’s no other way to reach your target audience to generate more leads and boost conversions than following the market trends.

The takeaway from all these?

Send out emails, patronize social media, have a user-friendly website, and make your current customers happy.

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