Passion io Reviews: Is Trash or Worth It?

Are you looking for a way to create your digital courses and have them stacked up in an app? Or you’re a course creator looking for a simplified way to develop courses and sell them? Well, you are on the right page. 

I stumbled on and I have tried and tested it to launch courses. 

What exactly makes it different? is different from other software out there because of its features and what it does which will be explained in this article. 

This entire write-up on is a genuine one and is expected to serve the purpose of a review article. The features and price tag of is also contained in this article. So without wasting much time, let’s get started. 

Summary of Review ❤️❤️ is a tried-and-true app builder for coaches and creators. It is the first thing of its kind that lets people make apps for their students that are specific to them. is a solution for coaches and creators that can change their lives. You can use it to build a community, stream live, send push notifications, and sell more to your students.

It gives you a better way to get your digital products to your customers.

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What is is a software that serves three purposes. These three purposes define the software. helps in the production of courses in the most efficient way. As a tutor, provides you with all the modern and sophisticated tools required to build your courses. These tools are efficient and easy to use. also helps in the production of mobile applications needed to stack your produced courses. The most amazing part of this software is that you don’t need to have any technical knowledge or experience. also supports selling courses and that is why they integrated marketing tools such as Sales Funnel, Push notification and Ads campaign manager. 

In a more concise way, can be seen as a multipurpose software that allows anyone to produce courses, easily produce apps to pack and store the courses and supports selling the produced courses along with the Apps.

Who Is It For?

A lot of questions have been raised about who is for. To be honest and general, this software is for anyone because of the following reasons. 

-It does not involve any technical knowledge because it contains easy-to-use tools such as drag and drop. Since no technical knowledge is required, anyone can use it. 

– Anyone can decide to produce courses based on his experience or knowledge and sell them. It’s no more news that one of the best ways to make money online is to teach others what you know already. In that sense, anyone can use it. 

But to narrow it down to people who mostly leverage, we have the following users. 

E-commerce and business owners

You can leverage for e-commerce purposes. Since it supports marketing and has most tools installed you can develop your app for plain business purposes and sell. 


ELearning is a great innovation that allows students to learn away from the class via online and learning portals. 

The school or lecturer can decide to take his courses online and make them eLearning. He Can use to create the courses as well as create the portal using the app feature. 

Online course creators can be used by online course creators to produce courses for digital students. He could create the courses and get them stored on an app then ask the students to download the learning.  

Features of

These features clearly define what does. They give a handful of knowledge on how works and how each tool functions. 

On-demand & live streaming

This feature allows you to stream live to all your audience and students. You no longer have to worry about giving separate attention because you’ll be streaming live to everyone. 

Drip content

This allows you to monetize your content by asking for payment or a subscription before new content is released. You can set a time down counter on the cost for your content as well as set up push notifications to keep your audience aware. 


You can create a community where you can ask your users questions to know exactly their desires and anxieties. With the help of the community, you’ll be able to answer most of the questions asked by your users. 

Automated Challenges

You can engage your users by creating automated challenges with little fee Attached. It’s a way of making money from your course and app. You can also draw and make new users using this automated challenge feature. 

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way of getting your user and the public aware of any update or information you want to share. It suddenly pops out informing your users about an event or new information update. 

This feature helps you get more users and keep your old users abreast of new events that will soon occur. 

Quizzes, Calculators, Worksheets

This feature allows you to keep your users active and waiting for more. With this feature, you can create interactive quizzes for the entire community. 


This feature or tool allows you to create audio courses for your students. It is especially used when you want to drop nuggets or pieces of information in your coGuarantee Price —How Much Does It Cost? has two basic pricing plans with each being different from the other with price and underlying features. Each of the pricing plans is packed with a specific number of features. Below are the two basic plans and their features. Pro Plan

This is the first plan has to offer and it is worth $79 per month with the underlying features. 


-iOS app, Android app, progressive web app (PWA), desktop app

-In-app & web purchases: one-time, recurring, free-trials, freemium + invoicing/taxation

-Offline mode, progress tracking, gamification, push notifications, integrations-

Live Streaming


  • 100 subscribers
  • 100 videos 
  • 1,000 push notifications per month


  • 30-day Expert Unleashed Challenge to launch and start selling successfully 
  • Expert community access & accountability coaching 
  • Email & chat support 
  • Onboarding tutorials

Platform Fee 

  • 3.9% with Passion Payments
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Ultimate Plan 

The ultimate plan is the second pricing plan on list and it costs $239 per month with the following features

Tools you get access to on the Ultimate Plan: 

  • iOS app, Android app, progressive web app (PWA), desktop app 
  • In-app & web purchases: one-time, recurring, free-trials, freemium + invoicing/taxation 
  • iOS app, Android app, progressive web app (PWA), desktop app 
  • Offline mode, progress tracking, gamification, push notifications, integrations 
  • Live Streaming 
  • External checkouts or Passion Payments

Ultimate Plan Usage:

  • Unlimited subscribers 
  • Unlimited videos

Ultimate Plan Support: 

  • 30-day Expert Unleashed Challenge to launch and start selling successfully 
  • Expert community access & accountability coaching 
  • Email & chat support 
  • 3 onboarding calls

Ultimate Plan Platform Fee: 

  • 0% with external checkouts or 3.9% with Passion Payments
  • 30 Day Money Back guarantee —Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons of are like the disadvantages and benefits attached to using the software. These pros and cons are gotten from users’ experience on Below is a full list of the pros and con’s. 

Pros of

Here are some of the pros and cons of Passion IO.

  • You can create awesome courses without having to worry about coding
  • You can Make your course accessible across all devices
  • It has a Payout with live streaming
  • It delivers a personalized learning  experience in a way that’s never been possible before
  • It helps in Building interactive courses with pre-built templates or you can decide to design your own from scratch
  • Its user interface is Simple to use 
  • No coding or technical worries
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and one-click cancellation feature.
  • Send push notifications to your subscribers.

Cons of

  • 3.9% platform fee for Passion payments
  • Due to lots of features, it may take some time to be familiar with
  • The drip content feature is not absent in the Pro plan.

Wrapping Up is a platform that replaces your online course platform, app builder, email marketing tool, and serves as the one-stop tool for digital product creators.

It is ahead of other membership sites and course hosting platforms thanks to its easy app creation tool. helps you create an app for your digital product with which you can engage your students, give them assignments, chat with them, test their knowledge, etc.

The best part is that it is quite affordable and less expensive like other tools.

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