Reviews (2024) – Time to Own Your Membership Community?

Creators often look for a robust online community platform where they can gather members around all their products, services or content, make them take part in discussions, and convert them into paying members.  

While numerous online community platforms are worth considering, has several features that distinguish it from other of its alternatives.

However, it is not the perfect online community platform, it has its downsides you should beware of, but the pros outweigh the cons.

With, creators can build an organized and easy-to-navigate platform that will be fun for members to use.

In this article, we will bring all you need to know about before building a community platform in it. 

And in case you feel that it is not the best place for you to build your online community platform, you do not need to despair. We will also point you to some other good competitors and alternatives to Circle.

Overview of is an all-in-one community management platform that gives anyone access to creating or building their personal free or paid online communities from the start. 

This platform can organize a fully developed course and is a good option compared to other costly alternatives such as Teachable, Kajabi or Thinkific.

The essentials of Circle include creating coaching communities, gathering and engaging members of a community for discussion, and several others.

The has a professional interface with branding that focuses entirely on your program and not on Circle. With Circle, it will seem as though the website is yours.

Also, the method of learning in is minimal, enhancing effective learning among community members. 

However, this is due to the Circle for Circle creators community, which gives creators sufficient knowledge of how the platform works and allows them to use the demo tool.

Some of the exciting parts of Circle are that they are always shipping in new features and always supporting their community members.

The is a community that can be beneficial to any person who earns money simply by maintaining a community.

However, you would want to look at some disadvantages and other options.  

This article brings to you all you will need to know about Circle.

Who is Meant For?

Specifically, Circle can serve as an alternative option or an addition to any actively existing virtual communities.

It can complement or serve as a replacement to a Facebook group or any community on a social media platform. is a community that can benefit any event seeking to bring people together online.

You can use Circle if you are considering creating any of this;

  • Coaching communities
  • Online courses
  • Premium masterminds
  • Paid newsletters
  • Conference communities
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What We Like About Membership Platform

Though it is not up to half a decade since this platform was launched, however, it has proven to be one of the most preferred by users.

You’d be wondering why almost everyone loves Circle and why it has become a platform that is standing out amongst other of its competitive alternatives.

Here are some of the reasons why our members like this online community management platform.

Fantastic interface with different settings for unlimited customization.

With, you get access to what all other alternatives don’t have, and that is a fantastic interface with different settings for unlimited customization. helps creators customize their brand’s look and give it a desired beauty even if they haven’t touched anything about design. It helps your brand look unique by putting up your brand at the front and center.

Circle doesn’t congest the design of your brand with their branding and self-promoting ads.

Another exciting thing about Circle is that it gives creators access to integrate the interface with a custom domain and website if they desire not to use the reference in their membership URL.

The mobile app is world-class

Our members have expressed their satisfaction with the mobile app. Circle’s mobile app gives them the flexibility they want. 

They can move from one module, read discussions, listen to audio, view videos, and read PDFs without stress.

The only disadvantage is that the app is only available on iOS. Although, Android is currently working on having and supporting the mobile app.

Integrates easily with my favourite 3rd party tools

Another interesting thing our members have expressed their satisfaction with when using it is that it can integrate easily with a third-party tool.

Using Circle enables you to connect easily with a payment processor and email marketing software.

Other loveable things about Circle by our members include;

  • Boosts engagement among community members and is distraction-free
  • Great analytics 
  • Easily add multiple community managers as your support team
  • Private community demos functionality and teaches how to use it
  • Excellent customer support (quality and response time)
  • Single sign-on feature provides an elegant login experience
  • Hosts videos for you (replaces Vimeo or other similar platforms)
  • Create private spaces that restrict access to certain members (which facilitates upsells)

What We Don’t Like About

No doubt Circle is a great platform; however, it is not perfect yet. There are still some downsides to it.

Here are some downsides to this platform

Relatively Expensive Compared to its Alternative

When we compare the price of Circle to some other alternatives, it is quite expensive, especially when you don’t have a community that makes you money.

For example, Facebook groups and Reddit, alternatives to Circle, are free. 

However, what Circle offers is much better than what the cheaper ones can give you.

It lacks some functionality if your goal is to make a course

One of the downsides that I have observed about Circle is that it lacks some functionality if your goal is to create a course.

Circle’s aim is not primarily to host courses. Although it can host classes, it seems not to be as proficient as other software that only focuses on hosting courses.

Long load time on video uploads 

Another thing I don’t like about Circle is that It takes long hours to upload videos. 

This can be so tiring at times, and one sad part of this is that there hasn’t been any way to fix this issue perfectly.

No “native” option for live streams (although it’s supposedly coming soon)

You can’t live stream with Circle unless you embed a link from another program.

Circle has no native options for live streams. One downside I have expressed my dissatisfaction about.

Although they are working on it, they will definitely have it with time. Also, Circle doesn’t have enough presets and it can take a bit to get started Alternatives

There are quite a lot of membership alternatives if you don’t want to go with Circle.

Depending on what you are looking for, there are free membership alternatives to Circle, such as Facebook groups.

However, Facebook groups have many disadvantages compared to other paid memberships. For example, with a Facebook group, you are likely to have some restrictions and numerous distractions when you are active on Facebook, among several other disadvantages.

If you are looking for a paid membership with better features when compared to the free membership and you don’t want to go with Circle, I suggest you check out and Mighty Network.

Here are some features about both of them if you want to consider using any of them.

I will advise that you stay with one and be patient with it. Making a membership group work is not an easy task.

Mighty Network

If you are considering an alternative to Circle, then Mighty Network is an option you can give a try. 

Mighty Network helps creators build a community, sell membership and increase course sales.

The Business plan costs $99 per month with no credit card required. You can also get a two-month free trial if you consider trying it out before purchasing it.

The features of this plan include;

  • All features in the community plans 
  • Online courses
  • Live cohort course creation
  • Analytic and Member Data.
  • Zapiers APIs and workflow.

Mighty Network is a very good alternative to Its features are great. You can check here for more.

Another alternative to is Like Circle, it is a large app that gives creators access to building their standard app even without any knowledge or coding skills. 

It is a membership platform that gives users access to great features that can be handy for online tutors and creators of mobile apps. 

Also, it gives creators the ability to sell their online courses and build an interactive community that will enhance the mutual relationship between creators and the users of their app.

It is user-friendly to begin with, and within a few seconds, you will undoubtedly get your app created and running. is an app created with high compatibility for any devices such as laptops, tablets, TVs, desktops, smartphones, and several others.

It has over 4500 entrepreneurs and over 4500000 users in it.

Some of the features of include;

  • Create the ultimate learning experience
  • On-Demand& live streaming
  • Communities
  • Automated challenges
  • Interactive experiences
  • Drip content
  • Push notifications have two plans, and they are the Pro and Ultimate.

The pro plan costs $79 per month with about a hundred subscribers, a hundred videos and a thousand push notifications.

The ultimate plan costs $279 per month with access to unlimited subscribers, videos, and other extras.

Is Skool better than

When deciding between and Skool for building and engaging with an online community, it’s crucial to delve deeper into what each platform specializes in and how they cater to the needs of community managers and members. vs Skool

Both platforms offer unique features and focus areas, making them suitable for different types of communities and purposes. is a versatile platform designed to support a broad range of community types, from membership and course-based communities to interest groups and more.

What sets apart is its strong emphasis on integration and customization. It seamlessly integrates with a plethora of tools and services, including payment processors, email marketing platforms, and course creation tools, making it an excellent choice for those who rely on a diverse tech stack.

However, this versatility and depth of features can introduce a steeper learning curve and potentially higher costs, depending on the required functionalities.

On the other hand, Skool is specifically tailored towards creators and educators focusing on delivering courses or educational content within their community.

It shines in creating an environment that encourages learning and knowledge sharing, with features designed to support course creation, delivery, and student engagement.

The platform is praised for its simplicity, offering an intuitive and clean user interface that reduces the learning curve for both community managers and members.

This focus on ease of use and education-centric features makes Skool particularly appealing to those who prioritize structured learning experiences in their communities.

Moreover, while Skool provides an all-in-one pricing model, which simplifies budgeting, it might not offer the same level of customization and integration capabilities as, potentially limiting how much community managers can tailor their community spaces.

In summary, the choice between and Skool hinges on the specific needs and goals of your community.

If you value versatility, deep customization, and the ability to integrate with a wide range of tools, is likely the better choice.

It’s well-suited for creators and businesses aiming to build a highly customized community experience that integrates seamlessly with their broader online ecosystem.

Conversely, if your focus is on creating a learning-centered community with an emphasis on courses and education, and you appreciate simplicity and ease of use, Skool might be the more suitable platform.

Its streamlined approach to community management and course delivery makes it an excellent option for educators and creators who want to engage with their students in a focused and effective manner.

Skool is a good option we recommend if you do not want to go with Circle. Reviews

There are many reasons why you should choose Circle especially when you get to hear or read about cases of our members when using it.

Case 1

If you are having any doubt about the platform, reading the review of Tessa Kriesel will give you the assurance you need to go all out in choosing it. Tessa, a user of Circle, has a lot to say about this product. 

Case 2

Ryan Hunter is a huge fan of, and here is his comment about

Case 3

Kevin Fremon, one of the users of recommended this product. Here is what he has to say about Pricing – How Much Does It Cost?

There are currently three plans in Circle pricing. :

Basic Plan

This is the cheapest plan in a, which allows a creator to build a simple community with the bare essentials.

Some of the key features include:

  • Group chats and private messaging
  • Engaging discussions
  • Rich member profile
  • Unlimited event
  • Moderation
  • iOS app
  • Accept payments with Paywalls
  • Custom domain
  • Access to Circle’s own private customer community, workshops, and training. 

The price for this plan is $39 per month, and it comes with a 14-day trial with no credit card required.

Professional plan

Next to the Basic is the professional plan. 

It is the most popular plan and it has a higher usage limit and gives users access to more important features. 

Some of the features include:

  • Every feature of basic
  • Live streams & video
  • Remove Circle branding
  • Advanced analytics
  • API Access
  • Custom Single Sign-on available
  • CSS customization

The price for this plan is $99 per month, and it comes with a 14 days trial with no credit card required.

Enterprise plan

The highest plan in the Circle is the Enterprise. It is the most potent Plan in Circle and the best for brands and growing businesses.

Some of the key features include:

  • Everything features in Professional
  • Custom Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • Concierge onboarding
  • Priority email support
  • Email white-labeling
  • 30-minute strategy kickoff call
  • The dedicated customer success manager

The price for this plan is $399 per month, and like basic and professional, it also comes with a 14 days trial with no credit card required.

Presently, Circle offers a 20% discount for early birds in their pro plan.

Wrapping Up – Do We Recommend It?

There are many alternatives out there when you are looking out for an online community management platform to help you build your online paid or free communities. 

However, our first recommendation goes with 

Absolutely, Yes. We highly recommend for creators who want to establish their paid or free online community. 

The benefits of using Circle are limitless. Despite that it has not been so long since it was launched, it is an upgrade to many other alternatives.

FAQs About

One of the crucial things about Circle is that they host a live weekly question and answer, which allows its members to express their satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about

Is Circle a good platform?

Assuredly, Yes. It is an excellent platform when compared to other of its competitors. It has excellent and outstanding features and is also shipping in new features.

Can you live stream in

Yes you can live streams in It supports live videos and allows you to interact with about ten co-hosts and over five hundred participants on the web and Circle’s iOS app.

Who created

Sid Yadav is the founder and CEO of He was formerly a VP of product at teachable.

Does Circle integrate with Kajabi?

Yes. Circle integrates with Kajabi. You can check here to find out more about it.

Can you host courses on Circle?

It is difficult for creators of a community in Circle to make money through their online communities because doesn’t give community creators the ability to host courses inside of them directly.

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