2Sync Review – sync Notion with your Calendar

Have you been looking for an easy way to sync your Notion databases with your calendar to no avail?

This is precisely where 2Sync comes in to play a role, offering a lifeline to those seeking to bridge the gap between Notion and other tools, in this case, Calendar.

No more flipping back and forth between tabs or manually updating your Notion database every time a meeting gets rescheduled. 

2Sync automates these processes, pulling in events and tasks from external calendars directly into Notion, all in real time. 

This means your Notion workspace becomes a live reflection of your commitments and projects, constantly updated without you having to lift a finger.

Overview of 2Sync

2Sync is a simple tool for Notion users looking to enhance their productivity by integrating their workflows with external apps. That is to say, it allows you to sync Notion with Google Calendar and Todoist. 

Its job is to automatically update your Notion workspace with any changes or new entries from these connected apps, and vice versa.

Its real-time syncing and customization options offer an uninterrupted experience that can save time and simplify task management. 

Plus, its strength lies not just in its core functionality but also in the deep customization options it provides, allowing users to fine-tune what data gets synced and how.

However, the value of 2Sync can vary significantly depending on individual workflows, reliance on external apps, and budget considerations. 

How to set up 2Sync

The first step is to visit 2sync.com and click on the “Start automating now” button.

Pick an automation type

Currently, there are only two apps you can automate your Notion with, Google Calendar and Todoist.

Google Calendar

Since Google Calendar is the popular option, let’s go with that. To sync your Google Calendar, you need to be signed in to your Gmail.

Also, ensure you’re using the Gmail that is linked to the calendar you use and not just any Gmail.

This way you can link your native activities on Google Calendar with those on your Notion app.

Once you’re done connecting your Google Calendar to 2Sync, you should have something like this.

Connecting Notion to 2Sync

After connecting your Google Calendar, the next thing is to connect your notion to 2Sync.

Connecting 2Sync with Notion allows you to modify your entries from Notion and likewise from 2Sync.

You can either connect 2Sync to one of your databases or try them out with one of their templates.

Field Mapping

One unique feature that 2Sync offers you is the ability to import properties from your notion database into the calendar.

It automatically maps Google Calendar properties to Notion properties. For example, in Google Calendar, we have the “Event name” property. While in Notion, we have “name.”

When you sync them together, the name property is automatically entered into the event property on Google Calendar.

What makes 2Sync different from Notion Calendar?

Recently, Notion released its inbuilt calendar, which allows you to synchronize all your databases into one calendar.

So that solves a lot of the problems people had with their calendars. However, it is a one-way sync.

That means, you’re not able to sync the activities on your Google calendar to the notion calendar, which is a setback.

That is what makes 2Sync different from the native Notion calendar. 

2Sync Pricing

They offer three different pricing plans.  The solo, premium, and pro plans. 

The solo plan costs $7 per month and includes one active automations.

At $14 per month, the Premium plan offers three active automations and up to a 1 year sync timeframe. 

The pro plan costs $49 per month and includes 10 active automations and up to a 2 years sync timeframe.


  • 2Sync makes it simple to connect different calendars and tools with Notion. It’s like linking them together so you can see everything in one place.
  • Once you set up 2Sync, it works quietly in the background. You don’t need to keep checking or adjusting it. It just does its job.
  • With 2Sync, you can manage all your tasks and events right within Notion. You don’t have to switch between apps or worry about things getting lost.
  • Any changes you make in your calendars or tools show up instantly in Notion, and vice versa. It’s like having everything up to date all the time.


  • While 2Sync works great with Notion, it does not sync perfectly with every tool or calendar out there. 
  • Setting up 2Sync initially might be a bit confusing for some people. You might need to spend some time figuring out how to get everything working smoothly.
  • Like any software, 2Sync isn’t perfect. Sometimes the tool experiences hiccups or glitches that disrupt the syncing process. It’s rare, but it does happen.
  • Depending on your needs, you will need to pay for 2Sync or upgrade to a premium plan to unlock all its features.

2Sync Vs Notion

When comparing 2Sync and Notion directly, it’s important to clarify that they serve different primary purposes but can complement each other in a productivity stack. 

Notion is a comprehensive workspace that combines note-taking, task management, databases, and more into a single, highly customizable platform. 

2Sync, on the other hand, focuses on enhancing Notion (and potentially other platforms) by offering advanced synchronization capabilities, especially with external calendars and tools.

However, choosing between solely using Notion or integrating it with 2Sync depends on your specific needs. 

If you’re looking for a standalone solution for notes, documents, databases, and basic calendar management, Notion might be sufficient. 

But, if you rely heavily on external calendars and task management tools and wish to integrate these into your Notion workspace, adding 2Sync to your workflow could significantly enhance your productivity and the overall utility of Notion as a central hub for your organizational needs.

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Is 2Sync Worth it?

Whether 2Sync is worth investing in hinges on how you currently manage your tasks and information across different platforms, particularly if Notion is a central part of your workflow.

For users who frequently toggle between Notion and other applications such as Google Calendar or Todoist, 2Sync offers a valuable solution by automating the synchronization process. 

This not only saves time but also ensures that all your information is up to date across platforms, minimizing the chances of overlooking important tasks or appointments.

However, for casual Notion users who don’t require extensive external integration or for those on a tight budget, 2Sync might not present the same value. 

If your usage of Notion is limited to basic note-taking or if you’re managing fine with the platform’s built-in calendar features, the additional functionality that 2Sync offers could be unnecessary. 

Moreover, if the thought of spending extra or dealing with the initial setup process is a deterrent, sticking to Notion’s native capabilities might be the more sensible choice.

There and then, whether 2Sync is worth it boils down to how much you stand to gain from integrating your external calendars and task management tools directly into your Notion workspace. 

If the convenience, time savings, and efficiency improvements align with your needs and outweigh the costs, then 2Sync could be a valuable addition to your productivity toolkit.


In wrapping up this 2Sync review, it’s clear that the tool is a robust solution for those deeply invested in the Notion ecosystem and need of uninterrupted integration with external productivity apps like Google Calendar or Todoist. 

Hence, 2Sync excels in automating the tedious task of manual data synchronization, offering real-time updates that keep your Notion workspace effortlessly aligned with other platforms. 

Its strength lies not just in its core functionality but also in the deep customization options it provides, allowing users to fine-tune what data gets synced and how.

By and large, 2Sync presents a compelling solution for enhancing productivity and streamlining workflows within Notion. 

Its effectiveness and worth are most pronounced for those looking to maximize the capabilities of their digital tools, suggesting that for the right user, 2Sync is indeed a valuable investment.

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