Author: Jude Akinduyo

  • How Much Do Life Coaches Make? A 2022 Analysis

    According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), life coaches earn a median salary worth $58,120 per year and an overall salary between $35,620 to $917,910. Recently, I wrote about some exciting life coaching statistics, facts, and trends for 2022 based on the International Coaching Federation and other authoritative website surveys. This and […]

  • 9 Alternatives to Mighty Networks for Creators and Coaches

    Maybe Might Network isn’t bad after all, or Heck, I knew there are better Mighty Network alternatives. After going through this exhaustive list of Mighty Network alternatives, you will confirm one of the statements. But before we dive into the list. Let’s start with what Mighty Networks is and why the average creator, coach, and […]

  • 30 Surprising Life Coaching Statistics 2022 (Research-Backed)

    The Coach Foundation forecast that the life coaching world is expected to be worth $2 billion by the Q4 of 2022. Epic, right? Yes, the way and manner in which individual and business brands are demanding coaches can never be overemphasized. These days, life coaching statistics are just incredible, and the industry will continue to […]

  • 35 Surprising Sales Productivity Statistics in 2022

    HubSpot reported that sales agents spent a substantial amount of their time tending to administrative work while using 40% or less for prospecting. Isn’t this a clear indication that tons of potential value creations are being lost daily because of broken sales productivity? Pity! Apparently, the sales world is evolving day in and day out, […]

  • 15 Upselling and Cross-Selling Statistics for 2022

    In the recent past, we’ve seen several negative connotations relating to “Upselling” and “cross-selling”, such as pushy sales pitches, unethical sales strategies, and meandering irrelevant sales tactics, etc.  The truth is, it is the job of the salespeople to know and understand if additional products could benefit their customers and present such to them and […]

  • vs. Podia – Which is Better for Creators?

    Everyone is talking about the creators’ economy and how fast it is booming. There are several tools for creators of which and Podia are part. Both Podia and help creators and coaches create, host, and sell their products and services online. However, both tools offer this service in different and unique ways. For […]

  • 35 Product Marketing Statistics That are Relevant in 2022

    You’ll agree that the product marketing world is not a static space, it’s dynamic, and things change quickly over time. A product that is effective today may not be valuable and potent tomorrow. That’s life; that’s how the market operates. On this note, professionals from all spheres of life must stay up-to-date on the latest […]

  • 39 Marketing Funnel Statistics (2022) You Should Know

    There’s no better way to keep up with the latest marketing trends and remain relevant in the industry than to keep an eagle on marketing funnel statistics. More than ever, the marketing realm is ever-changing and dynamic. Trends, strategies, and technology are never stagnant. Everything is evolving, and as such, both large and small business […]

  • Reviews (2022) – Time to Own Your Membership Community? Reviews (2022) – Time to Own Your Membership Community?

    Creators often look for a robust online community platform where they can gather members around all their products, services or content, make them take part in discussions, and convert them into paying members.   While numerous online community platforms are worth considering, has several features that distinguish it from other of its alternatives. However, it […]

  • Gohighlevel Review 2022 – Is It the Best CRM?

    Gohighlevel Review 2022 – Is It the Best CRM?

    Are you looking for a detailed GoHighLevel review to help you decide if this software is worth it? I spent hours testing out Gohighlevel to see if it is worth the investment and how it compares to other alternatives out there. GoHighlevel is now one of the most promising pieces of software in the business. […]