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Now that Creative AI is here, advertising innovation has no limits. And of course, it is no longer news that artificial intelligence can creatively generate optimized banners based ads on customer data. 

Thanks to Adcreative.Ai automation, digital marketers can swiftly develop a huge variety of ad banner variations in no time now.

Just imagine an AI creating a large number of persuasive, tailored, emotive, and high-converting advertisements. Perfect, right? 

Yes, AI can choose the ideal graphic, typeface, color scheme, and copy for advertising banners on its own. 

With this, the dream of every marketer has become a reality thanks to software like Adcreative AI.

In this review, I’ll cover why the software is one of the greatest AI-based ad production tools available and how it can assist you — greatly — in quickly producing eye-catching advertising.

This blog post will also go through some of AdCreative’s capabilities, pricing options, pros and cons, and the main justifications for using it.

By and large, let’s begin the AdCreative.AI review right away.

What is AdCreative AI? is an AI tool that produces dozens of gorgeous, effective ad creatives in a matter of seconds!

It is also a technology or software that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to generate advertisements automatically. 

Many firms or businesses, in my opinion, struggle to maintain bonds with their clients as they grow. 

The biggest challenge in keeping up with that growth is coming up with new info and ad creatives. That is why this software was created and released.

More so, the AI algorithms analyze data such as target audience demographics, trends, and content preferences to create compelling and effective advertisements.

Similarly, the creatives generated by the AI have a score, which represents the likelihood that the creative will perform well in your advertising campaign.

Plus, the software can be used as a text generator to create headlines and ad copy. When you have writer’s block, it works like a charm, especially for tough campaigns like Google Performance Max and Facebook Dynamic Ads.

How do I use AdCreative AI? is incredibly user-friendly and simple to use for beginners. Simply connect your accounts, add your logo, and pick the color to create brand guidelines.

Grab a free trial account using this link, and follow the instructions below to try out the account.

To get that personalized advertisement or banner, just adhere to a few easy actions.

These actions include:

  • First, link your account to your Google or social network accounts.
  • Next, add a transparent version of your preferred logo.
  • can suggest colors that work well with your logo.
  • You have control over the size (which includes 1080×1080 square and 1080×1920 story sizes.)
  • Decide on the size.
  • Choose a typeface. Make a title and a description.
  • Pick a background picture from the choices shown. A backdrop image of your choice may also be uploaded.
  • Additionally, there is a unique tool for removing the backdrop from an image.
  • Your advertisement is now prepared for upload to Google or Facebook.

Once you link your ad account, then gathers data, analyzes it, and uses the results to improve your future projects.

Is ad creative legit and copyright free?

At this juncture, you may want to be informed that the AdCreative tool is powered and run by a team of professional digital marketers who are willing and ready to make ad creation easier for businesses.

So yes, the software is legit and copyright free.

Features of

Creating creative ads for your business can take a very long time and resources if you do it yourself or hire an experienced or professional to design your ads for you. 

Hence, you need to embrace some quality AI tools like AdCreative to generate your business ad creatives — both banners and texts.

Some of the features of AdCreative AI include:

1. AI-powered ad creation

AI-powered ad creation is a feature offered by, which is an artificial intelligence platform designed to help companies optimize their ad campaigns.

 This feature utilizes AI algorithms to generate ad copy and designs, allowing companies to create high-performing ads in a fast and efficient manner. 

The AI algorithms used by are trained on vast amounts of data, making it possible for the platform to generate ads that are optimized for performance.

2. Ad optimization:

Ad optimization is another feature offered by This feature uses machine learning algorithms to optimize ad campaigns in real-time, improving performance and maximizing returns on ad spend.

The ad optimization feature of this software continuously monitors the performance of an ad campaign and adjusts various elements, such as targeting, budget, and ad copy, to improve results. 

For example, the AI algorithms used by can analyze data on audience engagement and adjust the targeting of the ad to reach more relevant users.

This helps to ensure that the ad is reaching the right audience and achieving the desired results.

In addition to improving ad performance, ad optimization also helps companies to save time and effort. 

By automating the optimization process, eliminates the need for manual optimization, allowing companies to focus on other aspects of their ad campaigns.

3. Customizable templates

Customizable templates are a feature offered by in a bid to help companies optimize their ad campaigns. 

This feature provides a range of templates that can be used to create ads for different platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, and more.

The customizable templates offered by are designed to be easy to use and flexible, allowing companies to quickly and easily create high-quality ads that meet their specific needs. 

Equally, the templates can be customized by adjusting elements such as color, text, images, and more, making it possible to create ads that are truly unique.

One of the key benefits of customizable templates is that they save time and effort compared to manual ad creation. 

Companies can simply select a template that meets their needs, customize it as required, and publish their ad, without having to design the ad from scratch. 

As such, this helps companies to focus on other important aspects of their ad campaigns, such as targeting and budgeting, while takes care of the creative side.

Another advantage of customizable templates is that they can be used to create ads for different platforms, making it easy for companies to manage all their ad campaigns from one platform. offers templates for a wide range of platforms, including social media, search engines, and display networks, providing a comprehensive solution for all advertising needs.

Lastly, customizable templates are a valuable feature offered by that can help companies to create high-quality ads

4. Multi-channel support

Again, multi-channel support is a feature offered by platform in other to help companies optimize their ad campaigns. 

This feature allows companies to create and manage ad campaigns across multiple channels, including social media, search engines, and display networks.

Multi-channel support is a key advantage of as it enables companies to reach their target audience through a variety of channels, providing a comprehensive solution for all advertising needs. 

For example, a company can use to create a Facebook ad, a Google ad, and a display ad, all from the same platform. 

This helps to ensure that the company’s advertising message is consistent across all channels, making it more likely to resonate with the target audience.

Another benefit of multi-channel support is that it saves time and effort compared to managing ad campaigns across multiple platforms. 

With, companies can manage all their ad campaigns from one platform, eliminating the need to switch between multiple tools. 

Therefore, it helps to streamline the ad creation process and reduce the workload for companies.

By and large, multi-channel support is a valuable feature offered by that enables companies to reach their target audience through a variety of channels. 

By providing a comprehensive solution for all advertising needs, helps companies to save time and effort, while also improving the consistency of their advertising message across multiple channels.

5. Detailed reporting: 

Detailed reporting is another magnificent feature offered by and one of the main reasons why customers keep patronizing the software.

This feature provides detailed, real-time data and insights on ad performance, allowing companies to track their progress and make informed decisions about their advertising strategy.

The detailed reporting feature of provides a wide range of metrics, including impressions, clicks, conversions, cost per click, and more. 

In addition, this information can be used to track the success of ad campaigns and identify areas for improvement. 

Take for instance, a company can use the reporting data to see which ad creatives are performing best and adjust their strategy accordingly.

Another benefit of detailed reporting is that it provides a comprehensive view of ad performance across multiple channels, making it easier for companies to understand how their advertising is performing. 

Be enlightened that this platform provides data on ad performance across social media, search engines, and display networks, allowing companies to see the full picture of their advertising efforts.

In addition to tracking performance, detailed reporting can also help companies to optimize their ad budget. provides detailed information on cost per click, allowing companies to determine the most cost-effective ad channels and adjust their budget accordingly.

To crown it, detailed reporting is a valuable feature offered by that provides companies with real-time data and insights on ad performance. 

By providing a comprehensive view of ad performance across multiple channels, helps companies to make informed decisions about their advertising strategy and optimize their ad results.

5. Super Scalable

Another exciting feature of is that the platform is super scalable. 

The software is built in a way that allows 1 creative (based on your choice) or about 10,000 creatives (as the case may be ) a month. 

And note that these creative ads are not just any ads, the tool is cautiously designed to match its users’ ad banner or creative needs.

7. Designed for Collaboration

Whether you’re a seasoned copywriter or you are just getting started in the field of digital marketing, AdCreative is your go-to software for quickly designing effective advertising. allows you to invite up to 25 individuals. It allows users to generate creatives in one main account at the same time.

8. Budget Management

Another important aspect of AdCreative AI ad optimization is budget management. You can see the pricing options for more.

But nonetheless, be informed that uses AI algorithms to determine the optimal budget for an ad campaign, based on factors such as target audience, ad objective, and ad performance. 

This helps companies to maximize their returns on ad spend by ensuring that their budget is being used efficiently.

Adcreative Pricing – Discounts, Lifetime deal

There are two pricing tiers offered by AdCreative. These are:

  • Pricing for Startups include:

Starter Plan: This is available at $29/mo

Premium Plan: This plan is available at $59/mo

Ultimate Plan: This is available at $99/mo

Scale Up Plan: This is available at $149/mo 

AdCreative AI Pricing for Startups

Pricing for Professionals:

Starter Plan: This is available at $189/mo

Premium Plan: This is available at $249/mo

Ultimate Plan: This is available at $399/mo

Scale Up Plan: Custom Pricing

AdCreative AI Pricing For Professionals

Lifetime deal

A single brand can purchase for $168 per year. And you can purchase the lifetime offer for only $69 if you wish to pay all at once.

The’s lifetime deal terms are, however, as follows:

  • You will receive unrestricted lifetime access to
  • Use of all upcoming premium plans
  • Compliance with GDPR
  • Stagger up to four codes
  • You have 60 days from the date of purchase to redeem your code(s).
  • Money-back guarantee of 60 days (No reason needed)
  • Only accessible to brand-new users who don’t already have an account.

Refund policy

In any case, if you subscribed to AdCreative.AI but feel like canceling the subscription for any reason, there’s a refund policy on the ground for that.

You’ll have to send a request in writing to cancel the subscription.

If your message is sent successfully and it’s acknowledged by, the company maintains the right to incredibly provide refunds to you.

However, before you click on the send button, you are expected to note the following:

  • A monthly membership must be canceled within seven (7) days of the subscription date; 
  • An annual subscription must be canceled within thirty (30) days of the subscription date.

The same terms as those outlined above must be met for cancellation requests to be approved when renewing a subscription by, namely:

  • For cancellation requests that meet the aforementioned requirements, the customer will receive a full refund for their subscription within seven (7) days of the anniversary date of the subscription renewal.
  • For a monthly subscription and within thirty (30) days of the subscription renewal (anniversary date) for an annual subscription. will consider cancellation requests if the aforementioned requirements are not met, but the customer won’t receive a refund.


  • Adcreative.AI reduces the time and cost of designing creatives.
  • It develops high-quality ad creatives in seconds.
  • It automatically recognizes your logo colors and creates creatives depending on your business or brand colors.
  • It is compatible with Facebook as well as Google ad accounts.
  • It provides creative insight that aids in determining which performs effectively.
  • The dashboard is simple and accessible to users of all skill levels.
  • is used by many advertisers.
  • They provide excellent customer service and assistance.
  • Once you spend $500 on Google ads, you will receive a $500 ad credit.
  • It offers a seven-day free trial. You have the option to cancel at any time.


  • AdCreative.AI platform or software is not imaginative enough to produce advertisements that evoke the feelings of the target audience.
  • You won’t always be able to accurately predict, comprehend, or justify every choice makes.
  • Because the system is fluid and depends on incoming data as well as other factors, not all of its output is accurate.
  • For the time being, it can only integrate with Google and Facebook Ads accounts.

Is worth it?

Without a doubt, AdCreative is just another superb AI tool used for creating and running online ads. 

Of course, the platform has so many great and proven features that are meant for setting up lead-generating and successful online advertising. 

So is Adversative.AI worth it? I’ll say YES! The platform is user-friendly and pretty easy to use. Anyone or business enterprise who runs online ads will be so wrong not to use it.

Grab your free trial account here to test out the waters yourself. Overall, is worth the money and even more.

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