Transformation Academy Review + 30% Discount

In this in-depth Transformation Academy review, I will tell you everything you need to know about this coaching platform that features a lot of courses.

It’s important that you read to the end to avoid missing some vital details.

Let’s dive in.

About Transformation Academy

Transformation Academy Review

Transformation Academy is an awesome platform founded by Joeel and Natalie Rivera, a super cool husband-and-wife team based in Florida. 

They’re all about helping people—over 700,000 students from more than 200 countries have joined in on their life coach certification journey!

So, what’s their deal? 

Well, they’re not your usual course folks. Nope! They’re all about supporting “INDIEpreneurs,” which is their fun way of saying self-employed freedom seekers. 

They provide them the tools to craft their business and coaching gigs so they can live their dream life.

What’s really neat is that they don’t believe in one-size-fits-all learning. 

Nope! Their courses are like a buffet—you pick what you want to learn, how much you want to spend, and even fit it into your own schedule. It’s all about making it work for YOU!

But here’s the really cool thing about Transformation Academy—they’re not stuffy or all serious. Nope, not at all! Their vibe is playful and lighthearted. 

They’re all about keeping things chill, and guess what? They’ve got a strict no-no to those pushy, salesy talks. It’s all about making learning fun and stress-free!

Is Transformation Academy Accredited?

Curious if Transformation Academy has the official stamp of approval? Well, here’s the lowdown:

First things first, they’re not on the International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) accreditation list. But hold on, that doesn’t mean they’re just winging it. 

Nope, they’ve got a nod from the CPD Standards Office, which is a big deal in the education world.

So, what does this mean? It’s like a quality guarantee. The CPD Standards Office says, “Yep, these guys are doing things right.” They’ve got the industry standards locked down, and it’s not just them saying it—there’s a third party giving them a thumbs up.

Now, about the ICF thing. Turns out, the ICF wants a certain number of “contact hours” for a certification to make the cut. 

They need live interactions between the coach and students. However, Transformation Academy doesn’t follow that approach. 


Because they believe their students love the flexibility of going at their own pace and soaking up knowledge virtually. 

Plus, it keeps the price tag of their programs very affordable. (Yes, live coaching is way more expensive than self-paced training).

I should quickly note that I bought the Master Life Coach bundle on Transformation Academy, which contains 4 powerful life coach courses. More on that later.

Why I Love Transformation Academy Life Coach Courses (Pros)

Here are the reasons I love Transformation Academy’s courses and why I think they are worth it:

1. Robust Toolkits for Success

The courses offered by Transformation Academy go beyond just the curriculum. They equip aspiring coaches with comprehensive toolkits that are ready for action. 

The inclusion of done-for-you coaching packages is a game-changer. These packages streamline the coaching process, providing structured materials that save you time and effort. 

Additionally, the premade templates, questionnaires, and coaching agreements are a lifesaver for coaches, eliminating the hassle of creating documents from scratch. 

These resources aren’t just handy; they’re instrumental in elevating coaching sessions to a professional level.

2. Practical and Engaging Workbook Materials

One of the standout aspects of these courses is the emphasis on practicality. The downloadable workbook materials serve as invaluable resources. They are hands-on tools that enhance your coaching sessions. 

These materials not only facilitate learning but also help you engage clients, making the coaching process more interactive and impactful. 

They’re structured to guide clients through their journey effectively, fostering deeper understanding and application of concepts.

3. Credible Certifications for Career Growth

Beyond knowledge acquisition, completing each course grants you an official certification. These certifications hold substantial weight in the coaching industry. 

They are tangible evidence of expertise and specialization. They bolster your credibility as a certified professional in your field, paving the way for career advancement and increased trust among your clients.

4. Enhanced Visibility through Directory Listing

The free listing in Transformation Academy’s coach directory is a fantastic bonus. It’s akin to having a spotlight on your coaching practice. 

This listing significantly increases your visibility, making it easier for potential clients to discover and connect with you. 

It’s a powerful tool for expanding your clientele and establishing a strong online presence within the coaching community.

5. Supportive Community for Ongoing Growth

The courses aren’t limited to the curriculum—they extend into a supportive community of like-minded coaches. 

This community serves as a hub for collaboration, shared insights, and ongoing support. 

It’s a space where experiences are exchanged, challenges are addressed, and solutions are shared. 

Being part of this community not only enhances learning but also provides a network for continuous growth and encouragement in the coaching journey.

What I Don’t Like About Transformation Academy (Cons)

The only con of Transformation Academy is the fact that they have too many courses so you might get confused on where to start. I faced this same challenge when I was trying to buy one of their courses.

However, the major reason I was interested in Transformation Academy was to become a certified life coach. 

So after careful consideration, I ended up signing up for their Master Life Coach package which contains four solid life coach courses. I remember using this special discount link to get 30% off my order.

I initially wanted to sign up for their introductory course (Professional Life Coach) which cost $197. However, I realized that with the discount link above I could get the whole Master Life Coach bundle which contains all 4 life coach courses.

So basically what I am trying to say is that instead of paying $197 for one life coach course, I paid $347 to get the complete bundle (4 courses).

In the next section of this Transformation Academy review, I will tell you about my experience with the Master Life Coach bundle that I signed up for. 

Transformation Academy Master Life Coach Review: What Do You Get with These 4 Courses?

Transformation Academy Master Life Coach is a super cool bundle of courses that helps you become a Certified Master Life Coach. It helps you become a pro at guiding and boosting people to become their best selves!

This package is in-depth training full of knowledge for anyone dreaming of becoming a life coach. 

It’s got everything you need to help people figure out their life path, find real happiness, beat the things holding them back, and reach awesome goals.

So, what’s inside this bundle of awesomeness? 

Well, it’s not just one course, but four! 

There’s the Professional Life Coach Course, the Life Purpose Coach Course, the Happiness Life Coach Course, and the Goal Success Life Coach Course. 

Each one is like a different piece of a puzzle that helps you become a super-skilled life coach.

And guess what? When you get all four courses in the Master Life Coach bundle, you’ve got everything you need to become a top-notch life coach who can take on any challenge that comes your way. Cool, right?

Also, if you buy all 4 courses mentioned above separately, it would have cost you $788 ($197 each).  Fortunately, the Master Life Coach bundle only costs $347 when you use this discount link.

Now let me break down each of those courses thoroughly so you know what you are getting.

1. Professional Life Coach Course 

The Professional Life Coach Course is the first stepping stone into the vibrant world of coaching on the Transformation Academy platform—a place where you can learn and grow to become a certified life coach.

This course is a comprehensive package that equips you with EVERYTHING you need to kickstart your coaching business and embark on your journey as a certified life coach. 

Think of it as a complete toolkit designed to give you a solid foundation and transform you into an effective coach who can really make a difference.

Imagine feeling like a SUPER CONFIDENT coach, someone who not only guides but gets their clients AMAZING RESULTS. That’s precisely what this course aims to achieve. 

It not only enhances your coaching skills but also jumpstarts your career in coaching, giving you that extra push you need.

And here’s the best part—everything happens online, and you can learn at your own pace, dedicating about 25 hours to complete it. 

Now, let’s dive deeper into what this course offers. The lessons in this course can be broken down into 3 sections.

Foundational life coaching skills:

  • Learn how to communicate effectively and ask the right questions that spark meaningful conversations.
  • Master the art of listening and reflecting back thoughts and feelings.
  • Build strong connections with your clients to establish a supportive environment.
  • Gain insights into setting achievable and impactful goals.
  • Craft action plans that are practical and personalized for your clients.
  • Hold yourself and others accountable, a vital aspect of coaching.
  • Understand emotions and use emotional intelligence to guide your coaching sessions.

Coaching activities and processes:

  • Teach your clients the power of positive self-talk to shift mindsets.
  • Foster a growth mindset in both yourself and those you coach.
  • Equip your clients with tools to conquer their fears and move forward.
  • Develop skills in making effective and impactful decisions.
  • Learn strategies for creating lasting changes that bring meaningful results.
  • Assist individuals in discovering their passion and purpose in life.
  • Employ advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to enhance coaching effectiveness.

Strategies to Grow your Coaching Business:

  • Develop and present attractive coaching packages that resonate with your audience.
  • Understand your value as a coach and set prices that reflect your worth.
  • Identify a specialized coaching niche that sets you apart.
  • Craft compelling messages that magnetically attract your ideal clients.
  • Learn how to conduct engaging and impactful group coaching sessions.
  • Discover methods to draw in potential clients and build a thriving coaching practice.

This Professional Life Coach course is a masterclass of knowledge and skills that empower you to become an exceptional life coach!

Now let’s move into the next course inside the Master Life Coach bundle.

2. Life Purpose Coach Course Review

The Life Purpose Coach Course is your special guide to becoming a certified life-purpose coach—a guide to helping people uncover their true calling in life.

You can take this course entirely online, at your own pace, dedicating around 15 hours to it. It will feel like having a personal coach guiding you through the secrets of purpose discovery, all from the comfort of your home!

What makes this course so incredible is that it hands you the exact toolkit used by expert coaches. 

These are treasure troves filled with strategies and techniques to help your clients unveil their life’s purpose. Imagine being the one who helps people discover what truly lights up their world! That’s awesome.

Let’s take a deeper look at what this course offers:

  • Techniques and tools for finding purpose: You will get access to unique methods and tools that seasoned experts have used successfully to guide people toward discovering their life’s purpose.
  • Increasing your credibility: You will learn how to boost your professional reputation by showcasing that you’re a certified pro in uncovering life purposes. This will open doors to offering new and exciting services to your existing clients, expanding your role and support for them.
  • Understanding what really changes people: You will gain insights into the psychology behind creating lasting changes in people’s lives. 
  • Boosting your coaching biz: You will learn how to utilize this newfound knowledge to supercharge your coaching business, including how to attract high-paying clients, how to package your brand, etc.
  • And more

Once you finish taking the two life coach courses mentioned so far (Professional Life Coach and Life Purpose Coach courses), you will feel very prepared to launch your coaching business.

However, there are still two more courses in the Master Life Coach bundle. Next…

3. Happiness Life Coach Course Review

The Happiness Life Coach Course is your pathway to becoming a certified happiness life coach—a guide that empowers you to assist individuals in finding and sustaining genuine happiness in their lives.

You can dive into this course entirely online, taking your time, and dedicating around 10 hours to absorb all its wisdom. 

What makes this course truly remarkable is that it shares with you all the tools and strategies used by seasoned experts. 

These are resources you will be using to help your clients break free from their worries and live life filled with everlasting happiness. Imagine being the guiding light that leads people to a life brimming with joy!

Below is a quick overview of what you will get in this course.

  • Techniques and tools for finding happiness: You will gain access to unique methods and tools used by professionals to help people discover what truly brings them joy. You will learn the step-by-step processes that unveil the secrets to lasting happiness.
  • Letting go of old patterns and beliefs: The course explores strategies on how to help people break free from habits and beliefs that hinder their pursuit of happiness.
  • Adopting empowering beliefs: You will learn how to empower your clients with beliefs that uplift and inspire them, paving the way to a happier life.
  • Bouncing back and reframing setbacks: You will also be taught valuable techniques that enable individuals to turn setbacks into opportunities for growth and happiness.
  • Understanding lasting change in people: The course also dives into the psychology behind making enduring changes in life, unlocking the secrets to a sustained state of happiness.
  • Living a purposeful and authentic life: You will also learn how to guide your clients toward discovering their true selves and living a life aligned with their purpose and authenticity.
  • Embracing your true path: You will learn to assist people in stepping away from living someone else’s dreams and embracing their unique journey toward happiness.

Upon completing this course, you’ll be equipped not only to aid your clients but also to navigate life’s challenges more gracefully yourself. 

You’ll be able to guide others in making decisions that lead to happiness and success. 

Not to mention, you’ll become a certified Happiness Life Coach, adding credibility to your brand and bolstering your success in the coaching world!

4. Goal Success Life Coach Course Review

The Goal Success Life Coach Course is your ticket to becoming a certified goal success life coach—a guide to helping people smash their goals and live their dreams!

This course is like a masterclass filled with all the best practices and powerful tools used by pros in the life coaching world. 

It’s designed to teach you a cool 4-step process that works wonders for helping people achieve any goal they set their sights on.

From the very start of setting goals to making solid plans for success, all the way to keeping them on track every day, this course teaches you how to help people dream big and actually make those dreams a reality.

The best part? It’s all online, self-paced, and takes about 15 hours. That’s like having your own goal success coach training available whenever you want!

Now, let’s check out what’s inside this awesome course:

  • Identifying what people truly want: You will learn how to help people figure out what they really want in life. 
  • Helping people break free from limiting dreams: You will be taught how to guide your clients away from putting limits on their dreams.
  • Finding a strong reason to commit to goals: You will discover how to help clients find that super important reason to stick with their goals, even when things get tough.
  • Setting higher personal standards for clients: You will be taught how to help your clients set the bar higher for themselves. It’s like pushing them towards their best selves!
  • Creating a powerful vision for someone’s life: You will learn how to help people paint a picture of what their ideal life looks like. More like creating a dream map for them!
  • Crafting solid plans for long-term success: You will learn to teach your clients how to plan for success that lasts. More like building a roadmap to their dreams!
  • Identifying and getting rid of limiting beliefs: You will be taught how to help folks identify what’s holding them back and kick those barriers to the curb!
  • Stopping procrastination in its tracks: You will learn how to guide your clients to beat that procrastination bug so they can master getting things done on time!
  • Understanding what truly changes people: The course dives into the psychology behind making changes that stick. 
  • Embracing change and letting go of resistance: You will learn to show your clients how to welcome change and say goodbye to resistance. More like helping them embrace a new, awesome version of themselves!
  • Blasting away self-doubt and boosting belief: You will be taught how to help people crush self-doubt and believe in themselves like never before. 
  • Keeping clients motivated and accountable: You will learn how to keep the fire burning and hold your clients accountable. It’s like being their cheerleader on the sidelines!
  • Providing strategies, tools, and resources for dream living: You will learn to equip your clients with everything they need to live their dream life. 

Honestly, that’s a lot of incredible stuff packed into one course!


If you’re looking to dive into the world of coaching and help others while transforming your own life, Transformation Academy courses are your go-to! 

These courses are like treasure troves filled with knowledge, tools, and strategies that empower you to become a top-notch coach in various niches.

Whether it’s becoming a Certified Master Life Coach, a Happiness Life Coach, delving into the realms of Goal Success, or guiding individuals to uncover their Life Purpose, these courses offer comprehensive, self-paced learning experiences. 

They’re designed to equip you with practical skills and expert insights that make a real difference in people’s lives.

Imagine having the ability to help others find their life’s purpose, overcome hurdles, achieve their goals, and live happily—all while enhancing your own skills and confidence. That’s the power these courses bring to the table!

Transformation Academy courses aren’t just about learning; they’re about transformation—both for you and the people you’ll coach. 

They’re the stepping stones that lead to a fulfilling career and a rewarding journey of personal growth.

So, if you’re ready to step into the world of coaching armed with knowledge, credibility, and a passion for helping others thrive, Transformation Academy courses are the perfect starting point. 

And of course, as I have mentioned earlier in this Transformation Academy review, the best place to get started on the platform is to get the Master Life Coach bundle (click here for the 30% discount).

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