9 Alternatives to Mighty Networks for Creators and Coaches (2024)

Maybe Might Network isn’t bad after all, or Heck, I knew there are better Mighty Network alternatives.

After going through this exhaustive list of Mighty Network alternatives, you will confirm one of the statements.

But before we dive into the list. Let’s start with what Mighty Networks is and why the average creator, coach, and community builder would want to seek refuge with an alternative.

Mighty Network is a tool that helps you create communities, sell online courses, and build custom apps.

It is one of the best community-building platforms for creators and coaches, but it isn’t without downsides.

Why An Alternative to Mighty Network?

Before we get right into why you might want to seek an alternative, here are some reasons to love them.

  • Mighty Network offers creators many features – it is a complete all-in-one solution.
  • It offers the white label app builder solution
  • Mighty Network has a website builder
  • Its starting plan is affordable
  • Allows you to customize your dashboard.
  • You have different currency options to select from.

Mighty Network isn’t a wrong choice after all.

But then, some things keep it away from being Great for us:

  • Mighty Network’s custom app builder solution is expensive
  • Customer service is poor 
  • Although it has several features, it comes with a learning curve. That is, the platform is not intuitive.
  • Video and audio playback quality is poor. 
  • Hidden fees (they charge a transaction fee besides the subscription fee)
  • Community chat doesn’t auto-update, requires manual refresh

We can go on and on.

This article will share nine alternatives to Mighty Network, their pricing, pros, and cons.

Note: Some of the platforms on the list serve the same purpose but differently. But I will do my best to carry you along on their core differences.

Best Mighty Network Alternatives

#1. Skool

Skool is an online community platform designed to bring people together for learning and collaboration. It’s often compared to the Mighty Network because both offer tools to create and manage online communities, courses, and groups.

However, Skool focuses more on creating a user-friendly environment for courses and group learning experiences. It is specifically built to make online learning more interactive and community-driven.

Being an online learning platform, Skool provides educators, coaches, and community leaders with a space to bring their members together, share knowledge, and foster engagement.

Above all, the platform is designed to be simple and intuitive, ensuring that users can easily navigate through courses, participate in discussions, and connect with other members.

Features of Skool

Community Building: Skool enables the creation of a vibrant community where members can interact, share insights, and support each other. It includes features for discussion forums, direct messaging, and group chats.

Course Creation: One of the standout features of Skool is its course creation tools. Users can design and publish courses, including video content, quizzes, and assignments, making it a great platform for educators and trainers.

Gamification: To increase engagement and participation, Skool incorporates gamification elements. Members can earn points, badges, and rewards for their activity and contributions to the community.

Analytics: The platform also provides detailed analytics and insights, allowing community leaders and educators to track engagement, course completion rates, and other key metrics to understand their community’s behavior and preferences better.

Mobile App: With a mobile app available, Skool ensures that members can stay connected and engage with content and the community from anywhere, at any time.


Skool offers a straightforward pricing model to keep things simple. After a 14-day free trial, which allows you to explore all the features without any commitment, you can choose to move to their paid plan if Skool fits your needs.

  • 14-Day Free Trial: Try all the features without paying.
  • Paid Plan: Costs $99 per month. This includes access to all features, including the ability to create and sell subscription memberships, making it a comprehensive solution for those looking to monetize their community or content.

#2. Podia

Podia is an all-in-one course and community platform packed with features and tools.

It is a close alternative to Mighty Networks, considering the bulk of the features both software offer.

However, Podia is more of an online course than a community platform. Hence, the majority of its features are suited for course creators.

Its community platform is  also a close replica of Facebook groups, giving you the three main features:

  • Post
  • Comment
  • Like

Podia lacks an inbuilt live streaming feature. Instead, it relies on third-party integrations like Zoom and Youtube Livestream.

Key Features

Email Marketing – Podia provides an inbuilt email marketing software to build a list, send broadcast campaigns, create email funnels, etc. 

If you are to pay for an email marketing software with third-party software, you could be spending more than $200 per year. So, it is worth mentioning this.

Affiliate Management – Mighty Network and Podia offer affiliate management software that allows you to recruit and manage affiliates for your products and services. Well, this is a missing feature on many of the tools on this list.

Website Builder – Podia offers a website builder that allows you to create your brand’s landing pages and sales pages. In addition, the website builder will help you set up a storefront for your products.

With Podia, you can host your online courses, digital downloads, and several products. In addition, you can also sell your coaching services on Podia.


Podia pricing starts at $33 per month when billed annually.

#3. Circle.so – Simple and Intuitive

Circle.so is the closest alternative to Mighty Networks as a community platform. Simple is the word for this platform. 

Its interface is easy to use and understand. It provides the same experience as Facebook groups but offers more advanced features.

That is to say, if you can use Facebook groups, then you can use Circle.so community platform.

However, it doesn’t have a gigantic list of features like Mighty Networks offers you as a creator. And that is what makes it more straightforward to use.

Key Features

Spaces –  Spaces are the alternative to Facebook groups. You can create as many spaces as you like on the Circle community platform.

The Spaces allows you to organize your community as a whole and split your students based on their stage.

In each space, you and your students (or clients) can post, comment, and like – the exact features a Facebook group offers you.

Also, you can restrict the people that have access to individual spaces you created. So it is up to you to decide how to use the Spaces feature.

Here are some ideas for you:

  • You can create different spaces for individual membership programs and courses.
  • You can create spaces for separate course sections as a course creator.

Live Streaming –  Circle allows you to live stream with your community members. You can use this to engage your audience further. You can also create events for your community.

Flexible Monetization – Mighty Networks offer various monetization options for creators and coaches. You have the subscription model, free trials, coupons, discounts, gated access, upsells, etc.

Team Feature – If you have a team, Mighty Network allows you to invite your team members and also restricts their access to what you need help with. In addition, there are several administerial features for you as the community owner.


Circle.so plans start at $39/month when billed annually. 

#4. Teachable

Teachable is a popular online course platform built for creators. Sadly, it has a poor community feature. Instead, it is better suited for hosting your courses.

So if you are more interested in a Mighty Network alternative with a good community platform feature, then you can pass on Teachable.

But it does perform excellently with its course and coaching platform. As a coach, your clients can schedule sessions with you.

Teachable allows you to run one-on-one live sessions with your clients. And the beauty of everything is that it is simple to use.

Key Features

Coaching Feature – Teachable offers coaching features that allow you to hold one-to-one sessions with your clients. In addition, it integrates with Calendly such that your clients can schedule sessions with you.

Affiliate Management – Teachable offers an affiliate management software that allows you to recruit and manage affiliates for your courses and coaching services.

Flexible Pricing Options – the platform supports subscription billing, one-time payments, bundles, memberships, etc. In the same way, it offers flexible payment options for your customers.

Gamification – It has some decent gamification tools to make learning fun for students. It allows you to create quizzes and certificates of completion (at the end of the course).


Teachable pricing starts at $29/month (billed annually).

#5. Kajabi

Kajabi is a popular all-in-one software for creators to sell their knowledge. It has a track record of generating over $3 billion in sales from its users (creators).

It is a legendary software that offers fantastic features to turn your knowledge into wealth.

Besides being a course platform, Kajabi supports coaching, membership, communities, and podcasts.

You get access to affiliate management software, email marketing software, landing page builder, website builder, etc.

So when I say all-in-one, it is a complete package for creators. However, it is a warning that the learning curve might be steep whenever you see an all-in-one software.

But looking at the dashboard, Kajabi still manages to keep the interface simple and intuitive for users.

Let’s get deeper into the core features of Kajabi.

Key Features

Landing Page Builder – one feature I love Kajabi for is the intelligent and beautiful landing page design templates and the customization options.

You get access to awesome templates and have lots of features and tools to tweak the designs to your taste.

As expected, it features a drag-and-drop landing page builder for you to create your landing pages.

Email Marketing Automation – From Podia to Teachable, we have seen other software with the email marketing software. Kajabi is yet another software that offers an inbuilt email marketing software to manage your email campaigns and funnels.

In contrast to many tools out there, Kajabi thrives on automation. It allows you to automate your prospects’ journey and also track their progress in becoming a customer. This feature is known as their Pipelines feature.

Affiliate Management Platform – Kajabi offers a robust yet straightforward affiliate management software to recruit and manage affiliates for your products.

As a creator, you get access to several tools to manage your affiliates, etc. In addition, you can provide discounts and coupons to affiliates. 

Flexible Payment Options – It offers subscriptions, one-time payments, split payments, bundles, free trials, etc. In addition, it integrates with Stripe and PayPal.

Advanced Analytics – Kajabi provides you with the needed analytics report to optimize your marketing and improve sales and students’ success with your course and product. You can monitor the subscriptions’ churn rate, student performance, etc.


Kajabi pricing starts at $119/month when billed annually. As a result, it is one of the most expensive software on the list.

#6. Passion.io

Passion.io is one of the platforms on this list that provide a different solution to creators and coaches.

It allows you to create a white-label app for your course and coaching service. The app is brandable with your name, logo, color, etc. 

Your students and clients can download the app and gain access to your course content and services.

PassionApp allows you to organize Livestream, send push notifications, have chats, etc. The app works on all devices, including desktops, android, iOS, tablets, etc.

Let’s go through some core features on the platform.

Key Features

Gamification – Passion.io has a handful of gamification features to make learning interesting for your community members. Some features include quizzes, calculators, cheats, automated challenges, etc.

Push Notification – This can be likened to the native popup notifications you get on your mobile phone from various apps (like Facebook and Twitter).

As a creator, you can send push notifications to your students (and clients). This feature is handy if you want to remind students about a meeting or assignments they need to do.

Live Streaming – In short, you can host live streams on Passion.io.

Drip Content – PassionApp allows you to drip your content so members can only move to the next section when done with the preceding one.


Passion.io pricing starts at $79/month when billed annually. 

#7. Group.app

This is a new community platform that started in 2019. Although not new, it is not quite popular.

It is a community platform built for course creators. At the moment, they boast of 272+ course creators using their platform.

The dashboard looks something like Facebook (I know you might already be sick and tired of me comparing some of these platforms to Facebook.

But here is a screenshot to attest to it:

It also looks like Circle.so and Tribe. With its sidebar where you’ll find channels that are just like spaces.

You get the likes, comments, and share button we have on these similar platforms.

However, make no mistake, Group.app offers some advanced features to sell courses and cohorts despite how simple its interface looks.

Let’s get into the features offered by the platform.

Key Features

Channels – This feature allows you to organize your community conversation and discussion into respective channels. For instance, you can have a Jobs channel where members can post and find active job opportunities. 

Drip Content – If you don’t want your members to access all content at once, you can drip the content for a specific number of days. Members will get access to it after completing the preceding content.

Live streaming – I consider this an essential feature for every online community platform—so good one from Group.app.

Library – The library is where you can add resources, downloadables, documents, and other course materials for members to access.

Some automation – Yeah, Group.app offers some automation, allowing you to schedule your post and emails in advance.


When billed annually, Group.app pricing starts at $19/month. Its higher plans cost $49/month and $179/month.

#8. Hiverbrite

Hiverbite is an enterprise solution to creating your white label community platform and mobile app.

One thing I love about the platform is the fewer limitations. There is room for customization to a great length.

It’s an all-in-one community platform with nearly everything you could ask for. They offer a demo and no free trial. You’ll have to reach out to them to see the demo. I guess it is to qualify prospects.

As an enterprise solution, you can bet it is expensive.

Anyway, none of that rob the software of the benefits it provides. 

Key Features

Data Management – as an enterprise solution, HiverBrite offers advanced data management features like import and export of members, mass updates, profile update campaigns, etc.

In simpler terms, you can search for a profile (it has a search box), it allows you to send updates to profiles to complete some information (automatically), and many more.

Content Management – HiverBrite provides a CMS (content management system) that allows you to manage your content. For example, you can create public pages and decide on visitors’ content visibility.

You can choose the content visitors (non-members) get to see.

Event Management – this will let you create and manage events for your community. The features available include ticketing, invitation emails, calendars, online payments, and social network integration.

Other notable features include:

  • In-app notification
  • Email campaigns
  • Automatic newsletter
  • Mobile push notifications
  • Collaboration and opportunities

Custom Domain and Mobile app – As expected, you also get access to a custom mobile app for your community. You can also link your community to your custom domain (for the web app).


They offer an enterprise solution, so plans are customized based on your needs.

#9. Profi.io 

Profi.io is an all-in-one platform for coaches and consultants. It helps you manage and serve your clients better.

You can organize bookings, create and sell coaching programs, and do more. In addition, it offers an inbuilt CRM to manage customers.

For consultants, you can sell sessions, manage your billing, and charge for overtime on the platform.

Its pricing is based on the size of the teams and businesses using the software.

The Solo plan starts at $49/month and doesn’t allow for a team, just the admin alone, as its name implies.

The three other plans are custom plans.

Key Features

Profile Landing Page: Profi.io will automatically generate a landing page for your products and services. 

Client Meetings & Webinars: You can host and schedule meetings and sessions with clients. You can record your meetings and share them with clients.

The webinar feature allows you to meet with multiple clients simultaneously. You can add several clients to a session (webinar). Attendees can engage during the session. You can also record the webinar session.

Client Portal: Profi.io offers a client dashboard where your clients can manage their services and engagement with you. They can see upcoming sessions, book, and access all content. 

Flexible Billing Structure: You can decide to charge a one-time fee, a subscription, or an installment payment; Profi has got you covered. One of its strengths is the flexible billing structure. You also charge overtime charges for extra minutes.

Workspace: Profi.io offers you a collaborative workspace to work with your team. The workspace enables your team members to manage and work with clients.


Profi has four pricing plans, of which only one plan has a price tag, the least. The four plans are Solo, Team, Corporate, and Network.

The pricing starts at $49.

#10. Tribe.so

As its name describes, Tribe is an online community platform that provides a simple and intuitive interface for creators to launch and grow a healthy community.

Tribe.so and Circle.so are replicas of So one another. One might think the same company owns them.

Similar to Circle, Tribe.so has the Spaces that offer the same experience as Facebook groups.

However, Tribe.so does some things differently. For instance, it allows you to search for profiles of your community members using a search box.

Another example is Tribe.so allows users to post and upvote. In addition, it has a feed that auto-updates with the latest posts from the community.

Let’s get into the core features of Tribe.

Key Features

Spaces – You get spaces as we have on the Circle.so platform. The same experience, not much difference.

SEO and Social Sharing Feature – Tribe allows you to optimize your community for the search engine. In other words, your community can rank for keywords on the search engine. Likewise, it has a social sharing feature that allows members to share your content across social media.

Apps – This refers to third-party apps that you can connect with your Tribe.so community. Some apps include Slack, Google Analytics, HotJar, Intercom, etc.

Discovery – You can tag posts in your community to make it easy for your members to discover content.


When billed annually, Tribe.so’ least plan starts at $59/month. The Premium plan starts at $299 per month, and the Advanced costs $599 per month.


What is similar to Mighty Networks?

Passion.io is similar to Mighty Networks because it allows you to build a community on your customizable mobile app.

Can you use Mighty Networks for free?

Yes, you can set up a free account on Mighty Networks. But this plan lacks most of the features.

Can I have multiple Mighty Networks?

Absolutely, yes.

Who is using Mighty Networks?

Some popular creators use mighty Network like.

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