vs Podia – Which is better?

There are several online coaching platforms for course creators and and Podia are two of the best in the space.

Here’s a comparison between these two on their features, pricing, pros and cons, and other things you would find useful.

What is is an all-in-one marketing platform for building membership sites, webinars, sales funnels, and others.

With this tool, you can run affiliate networks, communicate with your customers via email, and sell real goods. 

Any size of enterprise, small, medium, and large, can make use of it. 

You can build sales funnels with With you can easily send emails, and the best part is that you can manage your entire business from one spot, turning it into a one-stop marketing platform.

The good thing about is that you won’t need to pay for multiple platforms to satisfy your marketing needs because will handle all of them. 

This made the platform the simplest method to launch and grow an online business quickly and successfully. 

The exclusive focus of this website is on small businesses and independent sellers of goods online. 

Another thing you should know about is that you don’t need any technical knowledge or abilities to use it.

What is Podia?

Podia is a platform that puts creators first and helps independent business owners, freelancers, and artists make residual income. 

Due to its creator-friendly policies, Podia has quickly become well-known in the e-commerce industry despite being a new tool.

Very few online retailers offer speedy payouts on transactions with no transaction fees! One of the main selling points for many is the attractive quality.

But the majority find the platform’s comprehensiveness and intuitiveness to be a big draw.

You might be a passionate creative with lots of great ideas, but you might not have the technical know-how needed to create and manage online courses. Choosing how to market your digital products could be another difficult challenge. 

Podia is also very beneficial if your digital content is already hosted on a website or another selling platform. 

Perhaps the operation of your website is being overtaxed due to your company’s rapid growth.

Podia is going to be a good choice if you’re considering linking your membership website to your e-commerce system. 

In most other cases, you would have to host your membership site separately from your products. 

The only platform that supports both, though, is essentially Podia. 

Your conversion rate can go up if you make this process simpler for your customers. In order to achieve good conversion rates, Podia’s interface and checkout process have undergone extensive testing. vs Podia – Differences

#1) Sales Funnels

Any marketing professional can agree to the challenge of creating a successful sales funnel.

With only a few clicks, streamlines the process of building quality funnels. 

Pre-built pages are specifically designed to boost conversions, enabling you to market considerably more successfully with less work.

With just a few clicks, you can easily build sales funnels and promote more with less work. 

You can quickly create sales funnels with 

This wonderful selling funnel functionality can help you develop your marketing plan but Podia does not have this feature.

This is a feature that Podia doesn’t come with.

#2) Landing Page Builder

Podia has a page builder that is fantastic if you want to edit your Podia shop, landing pages, or sales pages. 

Many pre-built components are already included in the page builder and may be quickly added to your website with just one click. 

As a result, you may create a product banner, course overview, author biography, FAQs, and reviews quickly.

The “Image with Text,” “Video with Text,” and “Columns” standard elements, as well as others, can be used to construct custom components for your sales page. 

They also provide section themes, a highly useful feature that lets you change the backgrounds and text colours of specific sections. 

In general, the website builder is quite simple to use, allowing even individuals with no prior design or coding knowledge to quickly produce a polished website sales page.’s sales funnel utilizes A/B split testing, sales data collection, and business process automation are all options you have when making a landing page and thank you page. 

The platform has a drag-and-drop editor for customization.

#3) Email Marketing Automation

The number of subscribers who can receive emails on Podia’s free plan is 250 as opposed to 2,000 on, even though you can add an unlimited number of subscribers to both Podia and 

Podia’s Mover plan has 5,000 contacts, compared to’s 5,000 contacts. launch strategy’s Shaker plan has 10,000 contacts compared to Podia’s 15,000 contacts. launch strategy 

The Podia Earthquaker plan has 50,000 contacts compared to’s Unlimited. Unlimited plan

#4) Membership Program

To enhance monthly revenue, can assist you in creating solid membership programs for your services and products. 

If your company is successful in adjusting to this version, you may develop tailored partner programs to raise awareness of your brand and product while increasing website traffic and revenue. 

By implementing multi-tiered commission-based schemes for associates, you can raise your income right away.

There is no requirement to connect other systems in order to start seeing results. 

The ability for other players to promote your goods and monitor your costs, clicks, volumes, and returns. 

Another strategy to boost course revenues is collaboration. will give you an affiliate plan that is stronger and more limited the more affiliates you have. 

A much more solid foundation is created for your firm through associate marketing. It is essential in this market.

This is one great benefit has that Podia doesn’t.

#5) Engagement and Interactive Tools

Engagement and interaction are provided by through:

  • Making a request
  • Facebook interaction
  • 1-Hour Priority coaching support If you’re on the “Enterprise subscription plan”.

The team also provides you with a customized proposal that fits your budget if you want to invest in order to take advantage of a personalized offer. 

Various internet resources, including video tutorials, are also available to you. 

Podia does more by enabling interaction through:

  • Onsite quick live chat support
  • Email support
  • Phone support
  • Podia creators’ community.

#6) Payment processors 

Payment processor is a software that securely handles customer transactions. 

Many businesses provide payment gateway services; well-known ones include PayPal, Stripe, and Payoneer. 

Podia and both provide Stripe and PayPal for your audiences’ and students’ payments, but offers more features.

Using, you can also integrate the iDEAL and BanContact payment methods through Stripe. 

iDEAL is an online payment method that enables consumers to pay online through their own bank. 

BanContact lets clients pay little and bigger amounts in stores using their Bancontact card.

Simply enable SEPA Direct Debit and integrate the account with to make this work. has more pros here. vs Podia – Pricing Packages

Podia pricing

Podia has four pricing plans: Free, Mover, Shaker, and Earthquaker, priced at $0, $33, $75, and $166 per month respectively. 

All these plans do not require commitments as they can be changed or canceled at any time.

The free podia plan supports drafts of online courses, webinars and bundles. 

It also provides unlimited community topics and members, live messaging and website services, one email campaign and three emails per campaign. 

Although free, an 8% fee is charged on all transactions made with the account.

The mover plan has all the features of the free plan plus various forms of marketing services, unlimited emails and email campaigns as well as advanced features such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook and Pinterest pixels, PayPal etc

The shaker plan consists of all the features of the mover plus online courses, webinars and bundles, which are not draft versions, up to 15,000 broadcast emails and advanced support services.

The earthquaker plan provides unlimited trials of all the features provided by podia. Pricing

In Contrast, the free version of does not come with a transaction fee like Podia’s.

However, also has various pricing packages which are renewed monthly or yearly. 

Each option has different features which allows website versatility and support various functions. The plans are Free at $0 per month, Startup at $19 per month, Webinar at $33 per month, and Enterprise or Unlimited at $69 per month. 

These payment plans come with zero transaction fees, 24/7 customer support services and affiliate programs.

All pricing plans offer unlimited emails, blog posts, community members, students, and file storage space. 

The free version offers additional A/B tests, custom domains, email campaigns, tags, etc, which are limited to one trial. 

For beginners, it is advisable to try out the features of on the free version before choosing a proper payment plan.

Small to medium scale businesses can choose either the startup or webinar paid versions. 

Some features of the startup plan include: Three possible custom domains, five courses and sales funnel options, 5,000 contacts, two communities, up to ten tags, and A/B tests, etc.

The webinar plan has all the features of the startup with an additional number of trials for each property.

The unlimited plan has unlimited number of trials for every feature supported by such as an unlimited number of blogs, courses, workflows, tags, communities, email campaigns, A/B tests, etc. also provides custom plans for more than 15,000 contacts.

Podia vs – Pro and Cons Pros and Cons

The pros are:

1. It is beginner-friendly

2. Effective tutorial videos and emails upon signing up

3. Business and marketing automation tools, which make tasks easier to perform

4. Seamless working processes

5. All-in-one tool

The cons are:

1. It doesn’t allow integrations from third-party services

2. The array of features gives the platform complicated feelings, especially for beginners

3. Design freedom is limited

4. It is only web-based

Podia Pros and Cons

The pros are:

1. Easy-to-use and beginner-friendly

2. Supports hosting for free and paid online courses

3. Instant payment options

4. Built-in e-marketing

5. Unlimited bandwidth  

The cons are:

1. The membership feature is supported by the Shaker plan only

2. Lack of email personalisation

3. Limited site customisation  options

4. It is only available as a web-based service.

Wrapping Up

Without a doubt, if you’re an online business owner, such as a blogger, vlogger, tutor, freelancer, or influencer with or without a following, and you’re creating an entirely new online course website.

Podia or are not bad options because they both provide 93% of the same digital platform options. 

In contrast to Podia, does offer more sophisticated and integrated marketing choices but all in all the choice of usage depends on the features for which you need each. 

FAQs about and Podia

What is the purpose of 

You can share information with your clients using the software platform, which is hosted in the cloud. 

You can build a fully complete website for marketing and running online courses using the cloud-based platform Systeme. 

To educate their audiences, schools can use blogs and, more significantly, well-established businesses.

Is Systeme io Free Forever?

The free version of is free forever with no transaction fee or credit card required! by using many tools at once.

Is Podia free?

Even though it has a free version, it comes with an additional 8% transaction fee.

What does Podia serve as? 

Podia is a market pioneer in the online sales of digital goods, subscriptions, and online courses. The company also offers a variety of other services, from affiliate marketing to drip programs, to help you make money.

Is a trustworthy business? is without a doubt well worth the money for anyone seeking to run a profitable online business without breaking the bank given that you’re obtaining everything for a fraction of the price of buying the tools separately.

What transaction fee is expected from using Podia?

Paid plans are free from additional fees from Podia, but the payment processor (Stripe or PayPal) will tack on a normal transaction fee of 2.9% + 30, which may change depending on your location. The processor is the one that assesses the fees; our plans are not involved. On our free plan, we tack on an 8% transaction fee.

Is Podia Safe?

With Podia, your data and the data of your clients are always secure. All online transactions are secured, and they continuously update our product to meet international security norms like GDPR.

Which is cheaper, or Podia? is cheaper than Podia in all its plans. vs. Podia: Which is better for SEO?

The finest SEO facility is provided by Podia since you may modify setups and have more control over more SEO components. No such option exists in

Are and Podia suitable for beginners? 

Yes. Both digital platforms are user-friendly for those who are new to online learning because they are created for “non-coding” audiences.

Out of the box or custom? Which is preferable for business automation? has extensive marketing options and processes thereby making it preferable for business automation.

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