The Epik Summit Review 2024 – Is it worth it?

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The best place you can invest in is yourself – I know you have heard of this phrase a lot of times.

Education is key to building a sustainable business whether online or offline. Information gives you leverage and saves you time.

If you have ever been considering starting an online business or maybe scaling your business (whether affiliate marketing, eCommerce, digital products, etc.), Epik Summit is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Having taken a lot of summits and courses on starting and scaling a business, I can testify about how much you can learn from these events.

Yes, there are also bullshit summits and courses that are a waste of time, I have attended some of those too.

So right here, I’ll talk about all you need to know about the Epik Summit, whether it is worth attending, and why I’ll be attending (yes, I’ll).

Let’s get started.

What is the Epik Summit all about?

Epik summit

Epik summit is a 4-days virtual event that promises to bring you the freedom you’ve always craved. 

It brings you all the tested strategies and information to take your businesses from level zero to 10x. 

It features 40+ business experts worldwide, each providing you insider business tips from their areas of expertise and experience.

Remember that management geniuses, including Peter F Druker, have worked tirelessly to provide a lasting solution to business problems, especially business failure. 

One thing that has always remained true is that no single person can help you master the art of starting and operating a successful business.

Business is a multi-dimensional practice. You need more than one instructor to help you navigate the terrain.

You need more than one area of expertise to build and run a successful business. 

Just like you need more than one food to have a healthy body, you need to learn from several sources to master the subtle art of building a formidable and sustainable business.

The hard aspect of business development is knowing exactly where to get the best information or what to learn to get the best result. 

The Epik summit has taken the confusion out of the equation. This is one summit where every barrier to learning has been removed.

The problem of location has been set aside: you can take the summit even on your way to work. Sourcing for expert instructors has been taken care of. 

Some of the best business builders in the world, 40+ of them, are going to be on the screen instructing you on the steps to take. 

The lectures span every aspect of proven online and offline business success strategies. So you don’t have to go hunting for topics on your own.

Finally, the price barrier is off. The summit is totally free. You don’t have to pay anything out of pocket to be a part of the summit. 

You hardly find so much business value going for free. Most summits of this caliber are offered for anywhere from ten thousand dollars to a membership fee of close to twenty-five thousand dollars.

However, in a bid to contribute immensely to the growth of entrepreneurship globally, the Epik summit is provided to you and to millions of other entrepreneurs that would be joining worldwide.  

It’s a global induction of new breeds of entrepreneurs into the family of business owners.

What is inside the summit?

With over 40+ speakers, several online business models and strategies will be trashed during the summit.

You will learn about

  • New make-money opportunities on the internet
  • Several online business models you can get your foot in (including affiliate marketing, eCommerce, etc)
  • Funnel building, email marketing, lead generation, etc.
  • Insights and strategies to build your business
  • Exact blueprints from 40+ speakers on how to duplicate their success.

When is the summit taking place?

The Epik Summit will take place September 8th – 11th, 2022. You don’t want to miss. Click here to register for the summit for free.

Overview of the entrepreneurs speaking at the event

Epik summit features a wide spectrum of instructors spanning over 40 industries. 

One thing that’s common to this group of experts is that they are millionaires who have built their businesses using the power of online platforms, and they are in the top 1% of business owners worldwide. You’re sure to meet great business minds like:

Dan Lok

Dan Lok is a self-made millionaire and business owner who built his empire from zero. 

He is a voice to reckon with when it comes to copywriting, sales funnel and online marketing. He’s on the ground to show you how to leverage the power of funnels to build a profitable business.

He is a co-host of The Epik Summit.

Aurelian Amacker

If you’ve heard about affiliate marketing, then you’ll know how much affiliate marketers are making. 

Now think of the potential income you can earn when you own the backend business or product that affiliate marketers are promoting. This is exactly what Aurelian Amacker wants to show you. 

He owns a company that’s paid out over two million dollars in affiliate commission and he’ll be showing you how to set up and scale one for your own business. He is also a co-host of The Epik Summit.

Rich Schefren

Learn how to spot the trend in your industry from Rich Schefren. Every successful business owner would tell you that in business, timing is everything. 

Those who understand how to cash in on the trends would always move to the top 1% while others continue to play catcher-ups. 

Rich Schefren walks you through the methods that help you spot every trend in your industry before it becomes mainstream.

Joel Comm

You can’t surf the internet these days without being flooded with internet lingo like web-3, metaverse, NFT, blockchain, crypto, etc. 

Joel Comm is a don when it comes to leveraging these opportunities and he’s going to hold your hands in the coming summit. That’s if you’ll accept his offer to help you master these new trends for free.

Matt McWilliams

Growing your business organically may be a great move. But, how many contacts and referrals can you generate in a year? What if you learn how to drive a stampede of traffic to your business and take your ROI from zero to 3x? 

Matt McWilliams can help you do that. He’ll show you proven and effective strategies to generate the traffic you need to scale up your business.

Andy Hussong

Andy Hussong is a multi-million dollar Joint Venture (JV) guru. If you are in business and you don’t know about JV, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to generate multiple streams of income. 

Andy provides you with strategies that can help you maximise your business assets and leverage other people’s resources in a Joint Venture.

David Sharpe

If you are battling with complex business processes and operations, it’s because you’ve not met David Sharpe. Business doesn’t have to be complicated. 

You can make your first thousand dollars in no time and optimize your business to a thousand-dollar-a-day business using everything that you’ll learn from this expert.

Max Wright

Given the global economic crisis ravaging the world at the moment, it’s best to figure out the best way to make your fail-proof. Max Wright is the guru at that. 

He would show you formidable strategies you can start applying right now to help you navigate this turbulent time and remain profitable.

Steven Sashen

Viral marketing is one of the most important parts of digital marketing. One viral post can take your business from zero to 10x within a matter of months. How do you create a viral post? This question would be answered by Steven Sashen during the Epik summit.

There are over 40 instructors in the lineup to immerse you in what one can consider the most intense business immersion of your lifetime.

Epik Summit VIP – What is Included?

There is an opportunity to gain unlimited access to all the training videos, audios and bonuses offered during the summit, In addition to the four days of the free summit. It is provided under the VIP arrangement. Here’s what this offer contains:

Early Bird Opportunity

Business requires speed and first to market. Why wait for fourteen days when you can get it today? You can get a 14 days head start on the strategies provided in this submission even before the world catches wind of it.

The 30-day online business launch model

With the Epik Summit VIP, you get thirty-seven thousand worth of training value targeted towards getting your business up and running within 30-days. 

These kinds of benefits are not the ordinary instructions you find online. It is a whole library of business information packaged in various formats and made available to everyone joining the VIP offer.

Instant access to 40 videos

Epik provides you immediate access to 40 informative videos from all the experts featured in the summit. The advantage is that you become a lifetime owner of the videos.

Summit Replay

Also, the VIP training offers you a replay of all the content shared during the summit. It means you’ll get access to the 4-days summit, even if you miss any of the sessions due to your busy schedule.


Have all the transcripts for the summit in one place. You also get all the transcripts of the VIP videos.

Other things you’ll benefit from the VIP offer comprise a 15-page pdf that shows you how to recruit your first 100 armies of affiliates who would work tirelessly to make your business successful. 

You’ll also get a mini-course showing you how to launch your own podcast and push your business to the world. 

You’ll learn how to launch your youtube channel and beat the algorithm. Plus, several other values are packed in the VIP offer to guide you towards becoming a successful business owner. 

Who is the Epik Summit for?

If you are tired of trial and error type of business, then this is for you. There is no limit to the category of persons that can benefit from the Epik summit.


The best time to learn the ins and outs of online businesses is when you are just starting. Business errors become more costly with each ladder you climb. 

The stake goes even higher when you begin to take investors’ money. Experience may be the best teacher, but the tuition fees may not come cheap, especially if you are learning from your own business mistakes.

A better approach would be to leverage the experience of other successful business people who have invested millions of dollars to perfect their arts.

They have fine-tuned their business strategies and it works each time they apply them.

That’s why summits, webinars, and seminars like Epik are some of the best investments any newbie business owner can make. It’s worth a fortune to be a part of such. These simple decisions can save you millions of dollars down the line.

Small Business Owners

Ask any small business owner and they’ll tell you their number one business problem is financing and customer acquisition. 

If you fall into this category, you may be shocked to discover that what you need may not be more funding. Sometimes, all you need to get out of a financial struggle is information.

Thousand times out of ten, it has been found that business connection, affiliate strategy and referrals, perform more magic than conventional marketing techniques. 

All this and several other insider information would be provided to you during the summit.

Online Business Owners

Starting a business should not be rocket science. Also, it shouldn’t be another 9 to 5 job. Most people getting into business today do so because they want more time for themselves and their families. 

However, they find themself in a more frustrating situation. Business owners now spend an average of 80 hours-week working in their business due to inefficiency.

90% of Epik instructors have leveraged the internet and new media to gain immense business success. 

If you’re just starting your online business or you’ve gained some experience, it’s time to scale up. 

The first-hand information and strategies provided would help you navigate the rough waters and jagged edges of internet marketing and online business.

Business Coaches

The business environments across the world are becoming more intense and sometimes toxic. 

Knowing how to guide your clients requires more exposure than you can acquire in your lifetime. Leveraging insider information from Epik could save you time and help you become more valuable to your clients.

Seasoned Entrepreneurs

If you are already an experienced entrepreneur with a thriving business, this may be the time to scale things up. You are only a little information away from financial independence and building a multi-million company.

It may interest you to know that there is a millionaire in every industry on earth. The question is what does it take to reach that level? Even if you’re not in this business or the millions, you should strive to build a business that thrives in both hard and easy times.

And there is no better place to access the kind of information you need to get it done than from people who have done it over and over again. 

You are about to learn from 40+ business owners who have created more wealth for themselves than 99% of the people alive today.

I Will be Attending (and why you should too)

If you are wondering if it is worth attending, I hope I will be able to convince you in this section.

When I received the email from Aurelian Amacker of, I was super excited because I have been craving something like this for a long time.

This is because I have seen the results of learning from the right source in my business. One of the best events (courses) I have ever attended was the One Funnel Away Challenge by Russell Brunson. 

The Epik Summit Review 2022 – Is it worth it?

And it has been a driving point for my business. Besides this course, I have taken a few other courses with one-on-one coaching with a not-so-famous niche site builder.

So, it is another opportunity to learn from others and gain insights to further increase my earning potential.

I am much more excited about the fact that some of these speakers are entrepreneurs I follow and enjoy their content like Anik Singal, Spencer Mecham, John Lee Dumas, etc.

If you are wondering whether the Epik summit is worth it, yes is the perfect answer. 40+ experts can’t all be wrong at the same time.

Being trained by the likes of Dan Lok is more than an investment it is a privilege.

FAQs about The Epik Summit

What is the Epik Summit?

The Epik summit is a 4-days virtual event. It targets business owners and newbie business enthusiasts looking to start and scale their online businesses. Also, it features over 40 astute business builders who offer you insider secrets to help you build successful and sustainable businesses.

Is travel required?

Is Epik Summit free?

Yes. However, it won’t be free for life. If you register within the next 14 days, you’ll get a link granting you access to every session provided during the event for 24 hours. 

No. The event is digital and is available to you anywhere in the world. All you need is a device that’s connected to the internet.

However, if you acquire the VIP pass, you’ll get lifetime access to the sessions anytime you want them.

Is the Epik summit worth it? 

In all respects, you have nothing to lose by registering for the forum.  All the value promised during the training is delivered free for 96 hours. However, the VIP offer is much preferable.

You’ll have access to some of the rarest insights on how to scale your business. And in-depth information about the new media that’s produced more millionaires in our time than any other time in history. 

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