180 Sites Review – Is this agency shitty?

One question most business owners ask, especially when operating on a low-budget centre is how to reduce web development cost or spread it over a longer period. 

Sites like 180 sites went into business to answer these questions and provide lasting solutions to the outrageous cost of web development.

Traditional agencies charge as much as ten thousand dollars or more to develop a professional website for service businesses. Even at that, you’ll still have to pay as much as 70% of the cost upfront.

Unlike regular web development agencies, 180 sites develop sites from start to finish for as low as 180 dollars, after which clients spread cost over 24 months. While that sounds too good to be true, that’s the promise of 180 sites to customers. 

In this review, we’re about to find out if 180 sites is legit and see whether they’ve kept their promises to past customers. 

Overview of 180 Sites


First, you must understand that 180 sites are not a SaaS platform. You don’t get a DIY web development service from the platform. 

You can think of 180 sites as an automated web development agency. It simplifies the process of owning and setting up a business website.

In its front end, you’ll interact with the 180 sites interface, where the site captures business details. You also provide information about your business needs and your marketing goals. 

Once you complete the signup and request process, 180 sites go to work on your website through highly skilled professionals. Web developers and content experts work together to craft a top-notch website for your business using the details you provide.

Unlike SaaS companies that provide services through technology, 180 sites leverage human effort to create highly professional websites for businesses.

Its core targets are businesses in the service industry: helping to drive leads and convert customers through a well-optimized internet presence.

How Does It Work?

180 sites work differently from what you get from traditional web development agencies, freelance developers, or working with in-house teams.

What clients mostly do on the platform is request the service of web developers who listen to your needs and develop an optimized site that fills your needs. Below is a quick highlight of how 180 sites get your website development done.

Clients Select a Package 

The process starts when the client selects a pricing package. Each package offers a unique benefit. The more expensive the package, the more additional services are provided. Also, 180 sites provide special discounts to clients who are willing to pay upfront rather than opting for the subscription packages offered on the platform. You’ll learn more about 180 sites’ pricing models later in this review.

Client Sign Up

After clients select their preferred packages, they proceed to sign up and create an account with the platform. The signup process is not the same as requesting 180 sites’ web development services. The client’s sign-up process helps the platform capture the data of every client.

Client Request for 180 site Service

On the platform, you’ll be provided with a form where you’ll enter the details of your business and your needs. 180 sites request of you, everything it may need to get your site ready. One interesting thing about this part is that it takes less than 10 minutes to complete if you have all the necessary information at hand.

180 sites Execute the project

Once your information is properly entered into the form, 180 sites would go to work on the project. It usually takes less than 30 days to get your site ready to launch. There Are instances where the clients get their sites within 21 days or 3 weeks.

The website undergoes Revision

As soon as the site is ready, the support team communicates with you to initiate the review phase. You have the opportunity to make as many adjustments as you want.

Website Launch and Maintenance

The final phase of the 180 sites process is the launching of your site. The site is hosted on the company’s server, linked to the site’s domain name, and made available to the public. 180 sites handle every update and maintenance you may need on the site for the next 24 months. The package fee covers the cost.

Features of the Website (with Samples)

Features of 180 sites

Let’s have a glance at the features of 180 sites before weighing in on the features of the business websites built by the platform. The points below summarize each aspect of the site and inform you of what to expect as you navigate through.

180 sites are made up of three basic parts: signup, client forms, and ongoing communication. Every other function of the site is just there to make these three happen effectively.

The signup phase

The signup process occurs after you enter your payment details. The first step is to establish interaction through the chat tool. You’re directed on how to go about the package selection and service request. A snapshot of the form is included below

The client form 

After you sign up with 180 sites, you receive your client login details which give you access to the platform. At this point, you’re ready to request web development services. You’ll be directed to a client form that you fill out to provide all the details that need feature on your website. 

Updates and maintenance

The mode of communication with 180 sites depends on the project phase. If you’re still in the development phase, you’ll be corresponding with the project manager assigned to you. However, if you already have a live website, there is a form on the platform where you can request any update to your website. A project manager is also assigned to you if your work is in progress.

Other features of 180 sites include

  • Hosting services 
  • Email management services
  • CRM
  • SEO services

Features Of Sites Developed By 180 Sites

has hundreds of sights in its portfolio. Hence, it has hundreds of ready-to-use templates, adapted for clients. Alternatively, 180 sites also offer custom-built websites that are tailored exclusively for clients. The customer sites offered by 180 sites are unique and could come at a premium. 

What can you expect to find on a site developed by 180 sites? Like every top-notch business website, 180 sites offer special touches to the sites it designs: I’ll give a Kudo for that.  Let’s quickly take a look at the majority of sites developed by 180 sites and see what they have in common. Also, we’ll highlight the add-on features offered by the platform. 

Multiple Webpages

The first and obvious feature of sites created by 180 sites is the option to have more than one web page. However, the number of pages varies based on the payment plan. 

Automated Email 

Each site hosted on the 180 sites server comes with automated email services and analytics and the service is available to all subscription plans including the starter plan. 

Form Conversion Tracking

180 sites prioritizes lead generation and conversion. One of the features you can expect to see on every 180 sites project is the form conversion tracking too. 

Website Hosting + Security

180 sites host every site it creates under the subscription plan. Clients don’t need to bother about third-party hosting. However, the client can buy their sites outrightly under a special arrangement. Along with the hosting comes intense security architecture guaranteed by 180 sites. 

Google Analytics Access

Antojer feature that’s common to sites developed by 180 sites is the access to the google analytics tool. This feature is critical to site SEO. 

Other premium and free features of sites developed by 180 sites include:

  • CRM Connections
  • Pop Up Lead Gen
  • SMS Notifications
  • Extra Pages
  • Content
  • Additional Automations
  • Fully Custom Sites
  • Premium Support
  • Automated Review Posting

Some of these features could attract additional cost. 

How Much Does It Cost?

When compared to traditional agencies, 180 sites take a more flexible pricing approach when it comes to service business website development. With the platform, clients can get business websites for as low as a $180 down payment.

The balance is then spread over 24 months, after which the full ownership of the website is transferred to the client. Interestingly, the website always comes out top-notch and professionally designed despite the low down payment. Below is a brief overview of the three pricing options offered by 180 sites. 


The starter price option is the most affordable package offered by 180 sites. It includes a fully managed site, up to 5 web pages, Search engine optimization, analytics, ongoing maintenance and updates, and automated email service. Clients opting for this option pay $180 monthly 


The deluxe package comes in at $250 per month and includes everything you get in the starter subscription plus automated sms, unlimited blog posting, CRM automation, pop-up lead capture, and up to 10 webpages. 


The premium is the most expensive subscription available on 180 sites. It is offered at $300 per month. It comes with every benefit of the deluxe plan and other pecks which include premium support, additional automation, automated review posting, up to 20 web pages, and exclusive services. 

Money-Back Guarantee

With 180 sites is that you can have your money back within 30 Days if you’re dissatisfied with the platform. I see this as the platform cheating itself through the money-back guarantee program because all the time put into developing your site counts against the platform. 

But for you, it means you have nothing to lose. You can get their service at $180, and if you don’t like it, you get your money back. 

A business website is one of the most critical tools when it comes to marketing. Unfortunately, most small businesses find themselves in situations where they can’t afford the cost of owning a standard website. 

The Affordable model offered by 180 sites makes it a very appealing alternative to traditional web development agencies

Pros and Cons of 180 Sites

Pros of 180 sites

  • Price is considerably low compared to what’s offered by traditional agencies
  • Clients enjoy flexible payment plans that could extend up to 24 months
  • Clients enjoy a pay-as-you-go model. It means you can offset the cost with revenue from the site
  • No need to hire an in-house web expert
  • No additional maintenance costs
  • No need to pay separately for hosting 
  • Future traffic growth is already covered and would not attract future costs
  • Upgrades and adjustments are covered by 180 sites
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Website is fully owned by clients after the contract is fulfilled

Cons of 180 sites

  • Sites are hosted on 180 sites. It means you can’t move your site at will even if you’re dissatisfied in the future unless you’re willing to buy outright
  • You’re limited to a workforce provided by 180sites
  • All your Customer data is available to 180 sites
  • Users may have similar user-experience across all sites designed by 180 sites unless active work is done to create a unique experience. 

Reviews of Clients

According to 180 sites’ websites, the platform has provided web development services to hundreds of clients over the lifetime of the platform. You can find some of their past works in the portfolio section of the website. Below are some of the reviews of clients 

Tim Cray, an expert power wash business owner left a review on google praising 180 sites for a job well done on his service business website, you can read his review below. 

Another client of 180 sites, Tyler Schexnayder, in the exterior business left a review on Facebook also praising 180 sites for a job well done. Review the snapshot below. 

There are hundreds of reviews also featured on 180 site review pages. You’ll find some of them below. 

Is it Recommended?

Yes. The major advantage that 180sites offers are the low cost when compared to traditional agencies. The cost might appear to be on the high side, however, it helps you save money on personnel and freelancing. 

Also, it reduces the need to constantly worry about the performance and security of your website. 180sites work well for you if you have the funds to afford them. 

Initially, you may need up to three or five months of subscription payment out of pocket. However, the website will start paying for itself as you work more on getting leads through SEO.

Another major advantage that comes with 180 sites is the ongoing search optimization, which puts your business in the presence of potential customers looking for your type of service via search. 

 With that, you don’t have to invest additional funds or time in SEO. Also, the ongoing maintenance offer works for you. Every business growth and update is done for you by the platform. 

From hours of review and cross-checking with long-term users of the platform, I’ll agree that the upsides of 180 sides outweigh its downside, especially if you’re just starting your business and you have a limited marketing budget. 

In a nutshell, if you can afford it, give it a go. It works for you. And if you’re bothered about moving your site away from their server to another hosting company, the site provides the option to buy the website outright. At that point, you have the right to move it anywhere you wish. 


Generally, it costs a lot of money to develop a great website from scratch, especially if you’re considering a standard website for a service business. Besides the huge money you’re investing in the design and development, you’ll still have to part with ongoing maintenance fees and personnel costs. 

But owning a company website could be a very valuable step in the long run. The idea behind 180 sites is to offset the cost of owning a website for a service business by offering a subscription model. 

180 sites allow you to pay as low as $180 to get your website up and running. With that, you can complete the payment over 24 months. Invariably, your site has the potential of paying for itself if you drive enough leads and business through the website. 

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