You want to implement a high-converting sales funnel in your business…

….because you’re a smart biz chick! 


You’ve already had some success in your business and you deserve it because you’ve worked damn hard at it!  

You’ve nailed your ideal customer avatar and your roster is pretty jam packed with people who love working with you.

But as much as you love serving people, what you really truly want is to
work less hours and make more money…HELL don’t we all!


…Let’s face it, you’re REALLY busy and if you’re honest with yourself you’re feeling pretty drained.

What you really want is to sell your awesome products and services on autopilot so that you don’t feel like you’re constantly hustling your butt off day in day out (even on weekends).

But you’re a realist, you know that to reach the next level you have to invest in yourself and your business.

You know that to reach that next level you need to ooze professionalism and exclusivity.

And you know that your DIY sales funnel is just not cutting the mustard!

OR WORSE, you don’t have a sales funnel in place at all! No mustard!

What you need is someone to help you design a sales funnel that will actually convert!

Lucky for you that’s EXACTLY what I do!


Providing sales funnel services that save you time & make you profit is my thing! 



Hi I’m Sasha, The Sales Funnel Strategist…


Since 2015 I’ve shed blood, sweat and tears building my dream business around helping purpose driven, sassy, creative, 
no BS business women like you create high converting sales funnels…

…because I want you to get to choose how you really want to spend your time and I’ve seen first hand with my clients how having a sales funnel can help you achieve just that!

From swapping my cushy marketing management job in Australia for living the cheap life and getting sweat rash while I worked from my no A/C bedroom in a Laos village for 18 months while I built up my business on a budget…

…to working from my dream Condo in Bangkok with like the nicest pool ever! (And regular side trips to Cambodia, Bali & beyond, jealous much?)

My business has enabled me to work from anywhere, but I know it’s not easy and I totally get “the struggles”…YOUR STRUGGLES…


The struggle of trying to balance your business with your life (*COUGHS* relationships anyone?)!

The struggle not to chase every bright shiny object that appears in the online space.

The struggle to impliement what you learned in that online course and then actually get results!

Look, I’ve done THOSE courses created by THOSE GURU’S and I can tell you that no course based on someones personal experience (like they pretty much all are) will ever compare to the experience from working with multiple clients in a diverse range of businesses…(AHEM, like I have!)

Because what those courses that promise “10K in 90 Days” don’t tell you is that there is no ONE sales funnel strategy that works for everyone. 


I’ve tested, tested and tested, had some great successes and a hell of a lot more failures…YES, even sales funnel strategists can F-up their own funnel ocasionally!

But luckily for you I can save you a trip to the trial and error ER because I do the hard work for you!

While for you creating a sales funnel feels like running a 50km marathon without doing any training beforehand, for me it’s like a stroll down to my favourite cafe. 

I’ve navigated the land mines first and cleared you a smooth path to sales funnel success and it’s yours for the taking!


With my help, we can create your best sales funnel YET so that you can finally choose what you want to do with your time…


TAKE A REAL HOLIDAY, ONLY WORK A FEW HOURS PER DAY, your time is yours to spend on whatever tickles your fancy…because with a sales funnel you can do all that without going broke in the process!

Before working with Sasha I had absolutely no idea about any part of it!

“I loved having Sasha there to support me – it was so lovely to know she understood what I am putting out there with my business. She ‘gets me’ which translated into the strategy and the copy she did for me. I appreciate that so much. I’d recommend Sasha to anyone who’s stuck with their sales funnel, sales page, design and copy!”

– BRIGID FITZGERALDMentor for Midlife Women


Swoon Worthy Sales Funnels


This is for you if…

  • You know you need a sales funnel but you just don’t feel like you have the time or the patience to put it together.
  • You’ve set up sales funnels in the past but you just never got the great results you hoped for and you’re not sure why. 
  • You know your ideal customer but when it comes to writing copy that appeals to them it feels like 50 hours of pulling teeth.
  • Setting up your sales funnel email automations, opt-in and sales pages goes way over your head and takes you way more time than you have.

What you need is someone to come up with a personalised and highly profitable sales funnel strategy to sell your premium priced product or service. But you need more then just a great strategy, you need someone to write the copy, set up and test your entire funnel so that you can spend your time in your business on the things you’re really good at! The good news is I can help you with that!

$2550 USD | Only 1 spots available NOW!

No More Tech-ache


This is for you if…

  • Just the idea of putting together all that sales funnel techie stuff overwhelms you.

  • You’re pretty confident that your email copywriting is bang on what will resonate with your ideal customers but when it comes to setting up your email automation, it goes way over your head.

  • Design is just not your thing and you want your opt-in and sales pages to ooze professionalism and the premium price tag your product’s worth.

What you need is someone to take your strategy and make it even better then take your killer copy and put it in the most beautiful and high converting sales page design and email automation possible.

$950 USD | Only 2 spots available NOW!

Show Me the Strategy


This is for you if…

  • You’ve made a tonne of freebies in the past but you don’t feel like you’ve got it nailed yet. You’re getting sign ups but you’re not attracting people who convert into customers.
  • You’re pretty confident with your copywriting but when it comes to you sales funnel you don’t know what to write and when.
  • You have a team of extra competent peeps to help you get the tech side of your funnel set up but you want to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered.

What you need is a detailed, personalised sales funnel strategy and execution plan so that you’re no longer guessing your way to sales funnel success. Oh, and guess what, I can give you exactly that!

$450 USD | Only 4 spots available NOW!

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